Improving employee experience with RPA

Using robotic process automation to free up staff and overcome manual processes

ATS Euromaster

The challenge

ATS Euromaster, the tyres and vehicle maintenance provider, employs more than 1200 staff, across 260 centres and including mobile technicians. Their IT infrastructure was reliant on multiple legacy systems, with limited interaction between systems. It was reliant on manual processing. Staff were spending too much time copying and pasting – ATS Euromaster wanted to give their staff more productive and fulfilling tasks.

Full power innovation

They turned to Liberty RPA, using our robotic process automation technology to allow their software to automate to interact with the Windows desktop instead of a person. It allowed repetitive tasks to be handled by the computer, without human intervention.

We think about our people doing repeatable, mundane activities – it’s really important that we are able to utilise their time in a much more productive way.”

David Robson - ATS Euromaster

David Robson

IS/IT Director, ATS Euromaster

The solution

Ultimately, we believe in the product. We believe in RPA and, with Netcall’s support, it’s been easier to get going and to bring it to life.”

David Robson - ATS Euromaster

David Robson

IS/IT Director, ATS Euromaster

The result

  • Greater efficiency and time saving
  • Staff gained a quality of life as mundane repetitive tasks were automated
  • So easy to use that staff could get involved – the people who really understand the process that was being automated
Hear it for yourself
RPA use has grown within the business culture

As well as bringing together legacy systems and data sources, the cultural adoption of using robots has opened up new approaches. The leadership team has adopted RPA – it’s discussed in meetings across the business. They now reassess what and how they are doing tasks, considering whether there is a better way to achieve this goal. All of this continually contributes to increased efficiency.


Frees Up

staff for more productive tasks


manual processes


employee experience

Free up people with AI powered RPA

Resolve many layers of processes and years of changes to link up your core systems

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