Better engagement with our Patient Hub portal

Patient Hub is a digital patient engagement portal that offers appointment notifications, waiting list validation, Patient Initiated Follow-up (PIFU) and NHS App integration. It reduces your staff’s administrative burden and increases capacity throughout your Trust by empowering patients to self-serve.

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Empower Patients With Automated Digital Appointments And More


digital patient notifications sent out in 2023.


digital patient engagement
on average.


saved from being wasted due to missed appointments.


reduction in DNA rates in 2023.

Deliver positive benefits to your patients, staff and Trust

Patient Hub – Proven technology deployed at pace and scale.

Improve operational insights

Monitor appointment data in real time so you can better allocate clinical resources.

Optimise staff utilisation

Tackle the backlog in elective care by increasing capacity as you allocate resources more effectively.

Leave no patient behind

Engage 100% of patients through their channel of choice every time.

Gain rapid adoption

Achieve 70% patient uptake – typically in three months.

Reduce DNA rates and reallocate cancellations

Dramatically improve how you use clinician time and trust resources.

Validate waiting lists

Support your goal to reduce the number of patients waiting. Rapidly validate whether patients still need their appointments.

Work smarter with Patient Hub

Patient Hub is on our Liberty platform, that puts you in control.
Proven low-coderobotic process automationAI and contact centre tools to make your best ideas happen – at speed and scale.

For all your patient engagement needs

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Get fast and proven connections with your NHS systems

With our expertise, you can innovate sooner and often at lower cost. Netcall has partnered with NHS organisations for more than 25 years, ensuring our tech is swift to integrate, robust and interoperable.

Simple and secure integration to Trust systems via HL7, FHIR, APIs or CSV

Patient Hub integrates with Patient Administration Systems (PAS), Trust Integration Engines (TIE), and other healthcare systems. Data can be exchanged using HL7, FHIR, APIs, or CSV.

Flexibility through Netcall’s proprietary data adaptor

The Liberty On Premise Adaptor (OPA) delivers live data feeds between trust systems and our cloud-deployed solutions.

Integrations drive digital letters and print queues

The OPA makes easy work of pulling data from your systems to create digital letters using our integrated letter template mode. It generates the appointment letters and then stitches it together with the other assets.

“It was a partnership that we worked with Netcall. They were on every call with us. They were at the Board with us. They’ve done everything on the NHS App with us. They really helped us deploy at scale so we’re up to about 92% of services now. ”

Rob Child

Leeds Teaching Hospitals

“We are already seeing the positive impact of this work for our patients, and the time staff previously spent on sending out appointment letters is being used to better support patients and make the most of every available appointment.”

Alex Whitfield

Hampshire Hospitals

“Before Patient Hub, my day was a lot more paper based so the only way that we could tell patients about their appointments is by sending letters in the post. It’s amazing to have something that is automatically sending text messages and emails.”

Charles Webb

Outpatient Booking Coordinator, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

“Patient Hub is about giving our patients an improved experience and control over their appointments. Reallocating freed appointments to other patients shortens their waiting time, maximises utilisation and reduces DNAs.”

Ian Hazel

Director of ICT and Informatics, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Supporting the NHS since 1985

Netcall is proud to be a long-standing partner of the NHS over the last 25 years, transforming communication services, improving access to healthcare, making patient experiences more positive, and optimising operational efficiency. Our commitment has helped the NHS make a difference to patients’ lives.

The NHS waitlist problem: 6.4 million waiting – are patient portals the solution?

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Empower patients with automated digital appointments and more