Revitalise processes: Unlock rewards with Liberty Spark’s mapping & improvement solution

Now it’s faster and easier to map and evolve your processes. Achieve a wealth of business benefits beyond compliance – and accelerate your transformation.

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Turn process mapping into an engine for value creation

Advance beyond static, time-consuming process mapping.
Now everyone can rapidly document and continuously improve how your business runs – at scale.

Achieve compliance

Meet your compliance goals more easily using intuitive tools and an easy-to-consume format that’s accessible for everyone.

Bring processes to life

Map, centralise and connect processes to support a culture of continuous improvement as your business evolves.

Boost collaboration

Improve engagement and ownership across teams in the business. Ensure everyone is on track, responsible and accountable.

Drive innovation

Use Spark as your workflow transformation launchpad. Embrace low-code tools, AI and robotic process automation.

Map what’s happening – and transform at speed

Spark gives you a powerful way to uncover, analyse and optimise your business processes through discovery, mapping and collaboration.
Use Spark as a standalone solution or get more value as part of the Liberty family of solutions.

See Liberty Spark in action

Check out our demo. Discover why it’s now faster and easier to map and evolve your processes.

How can Spark help me?
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Liberty Spark is a huge help to teams working in digital transformation, programme management, governance, risk and compliance, quality management and policy creation in areas such as HR. You can capture how each area works – and then orchestrate change.

Get the full picture

Ensure everyone can see how your business ticks – and use Spark’s data-driven insights to drive improvement.

Simplify compliance

Get clarity, certainty and accountability that your processes meet the grade and are aligned with corporate goals.

Spark ideas, create apps

Use Spark to spot where apps could add value – and build exactly what you need yourself using Liberty’s low-code tools.

Save time and money

Identify which workflows and repetitive tasks are ripe for automation – and make this happen with Liberty RPA.

Energise engagement

Use Spark to uncover fresh opportunities to create contact centre experiences that your teams and customers will value.

Use AI to your advantage

See where you can accelerate workflows and boost productivity with business-ready AI using the Liberty platform.

We chose Liberty Spark as our solution because it’s perfection as far as simplicity goes… Everyone can look at a Liberty Spark map and understand it. Everything can be broken down into two types of boxes – what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Stuart Morgan

Design Engineer, Carte Blanche

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