Automate intelligently with high-impact AI

Our intelligent automation solution, Liberty platform, is infused with business-ready AI – putting safe and simple-to-use capabilities in your hands. Now you can accelerate workflows and energise engagement.

AI-powered Automation & Customer Engagement

Take the initiative with business-ready AI

Liberty delivers AI with impact – bridging the gap between abstract ideas and business value. Use it to deliver immediate benefits for your teams, customers and stakeholders, while creating an AI strategy that will give you the edge. The power of AI can be deployed – simply and safely – at your command. You don’t need to be a technology specialist or a data scientist. Enable your business to move faster, adapting more easily to new challenges and opportunities. You’ll soon see a wealth of benefits.

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Ready for business

Get straight to work and use AI to augment your teams’ talents, automate intelligently and create meaningful experiences for employees, customers and stakeholders.

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Safe and applicable

Always stay in control. Rely on safeguards for data protection, reliable technology and robust security – it’s all locked in with the Liberty platform.

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Accelerated processes

Create seamless workflows, deliver friction-free processes and enable faster, better decision-making. Combine automation with AI to transform work and increase productivity.

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Meaningful experiences

Empower customers and teams to resolve enquiries faster with digitally-fluent experiences. Simplify journeys for customers and optimise contact centres with intelligent automation.

Unleash AI power

Liberty puts you in control.
Proven low-coderobotic process automationAI and contact centre tools to make your best ideas happen – at speed and scale.

The platform that scales with your needs

Your teams know the issues – and low-code lets them create answers to a host of business challenges.

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Use-case examples

Build machine learning models

Tap into your vast data assets and gain richer, bias-free insights by using machine learning (ML) models that can predict future outcomes.

Deploy pre-trained ML models

Use standardised off-the-shelf ML models to handle sentiment analysis, entity extraction, key-phrase extraction and other areas of innovation.

Create AI-powered bots

Take the pressure off your contact centre team and improve customer satisfaction. Use intelligent bots to support and manage interactions and resolve routine questions.

Use voice recognition and NLP

Revolutionise omni-channel contact, boosting efficiency, personalisation and satisfaction through AI-powered interactions with natural language processing (NLP).

Turn assets into actionable data

Use computer vision and optical character recognition to deliver robust and intelligent automation. Extract information from images and documents – enhancing efficiency, accuracy and decision-making.

We’re using the AI capabilities of the Liberty platform to make sure service levels are kept really high and, ultimately, to help identify and look after those customers who need us most.

Ed Eaves

Head of Savings Operations, Hampshire Trust Bank

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