Join us for What’s Next 2021

Our virtual conference will focus on the trends which are shaping your 2022 customer experience strategy. New commercial pressures and changing customer dynamics have caused a huge shift in how we work and live. At What’s Next 2021, we’ll share how leading organisations are embracing intelligent automation and customer engagement for the future.

Of course, we’ll also update you on what’s next for the Liberty Platform and how it supports:

  • Hybrid working
  • Distributed working
  • Agility
  • Enabled workforces
  • Total experience
  • Automation and intelligent automation

You will hear from some Netcall customers, sharing their success stories of using our solutions to raise the customer experience bar, drive efficiency and digitise their processes.

Each session will be broadcast over Microsoft Teams and it is free to attend.

What’s Next 2021 – Agenda

Wednesday 13th October

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10:00-10:45 – Keynote : What's Next? Tech Trends shaping 2022

Richard Farrell (CINO)

  • New commercial pressures and changing customer and employee dynamics have resulted in a huge shift in how we work and live. What does this mean for the future?
  • How organisations like yours are embracing intelligent automation and customer engagement for tomorrow
  • Revealing the highlights of a CX research study commissioned by Netcall into local government, NHS, banking and insurance sectors, which looks at the factors driving CX transformation and challenges that organisations face which restrict the process
10:45-11:15 – Keynote: Post match analysis

Richard Farrell (CINO), Yad Jaura (Product Marketing Manager), Kerry Rose (Marketing Manager)

  • Q&A to Richard Farrell
  • Taking a deeper dive into the main points raised in the keynote and letting you have your say via polling and Miro boards
14:00-14:45 – Using the Liberty Platform to deliver transformational CX

Yad Jaura (Product Marketing Manager) & Ken Ume (Product Marketing Manager)

  • In this session, we’ll show you great CX in action: CX that is shaped around your customers and makes them positive about their next engagement with you
  • How you can create CX legends
  • How you can build the ultimate CX engine
  • How you can create a sustainable effective CX culture
15:00-15:35 – Customer story: Intelligent automation at Network Rail

Richard Billington (CTO) interviews Anand Patel, Head of Technology & Innovation at Network Rail

  • Implementing a digital factory to work smarter, increase effectiveness and reduce the cost of running the railway
  • Efficiency gains by utilising low-code and RPA
  • Repetition and agility – reducing the cost of sharing the benefits across multiple regions
  • Joining new parts of the organisation and efficiently integrating all legacy systems
  • What is the next wave of digitisation for Network Rail
15:45-16:45 – Liberty Create App of the Year

Richard Billington (CTO)

  • Showcasing the best applications of the year built on Liberty Create
  • Presenting the winning Liberty Create build teams with their trophy