Webinar – Introducing Liberty Spark – process mapping and improvement

Liberty Spark offers a powerful solution for organisations seeking to uncover, analyse and optimise their business processes through process discovery and improvement opportunities.

Bring your essential processes to life, without complexity. The effective and connected way to rapidly document, analyse and continuously improve processes at scale. Liberty Spark enables you to pave the way to identify where process efficiencies can be made through automating certain stages.

Learn more:

  • Craig Willis, Head of Process Improvement Solutions at Netcall demonstrates how Liberty Spark can accelerate transformation with advanced process mapping and improvement
  • Understand how Liberty Spark works and how it fits perfectly into Liberty platform
  • Discover incredible benefits including optimising process discovery and making processes simple to understand
  • Uncover insights for efficiency and automation opportunities plus improve accuracy and consistency across your organisation.

Map what’s happening – and transform at speed

Spark gives you a powerful way to uncover, analyse and optimise your business processes through discovery, mapping and collaboration.

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Process improvement

Bring processes to life and reap the rewards. Now it’s faster and easier to map and evolve your processes. Achieve a wealth of business benefits beyond compliance – and accelerate your transformation.