CIO Conversations: Outpatient Pathway Transformation

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How ‘the digital leap’ is advancing NHS Trusts and patient care

We know that enhanced communication and engagement drive efficiency in Outpatient services. By delivering clear and accessible information through patients’ preferred channels, we can empower patients to engage before, during and beyond treatment.

But is it that simple? And how do you put it into practice? Hear from our panel in conversation on the use of patient facing digital technology in improving Outpatient pathways:

From this conversation, we have:

  • Learnt from our panel of CIOs about the challenges they face around communicating with patients on their Outpatient pathway
  • Understood the possible reasons for these challenges and how technology can play a big part in alleviating them
  • Discovered how two of the biggest NHS trusts have used the power of patient engagement portals, from waiting list validation to appointment management, to reduce waiting lists, optimise appointment slot utilisation and improve patient experience


Phil Thwaites, Outpatient Improvement Programme Manager at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Donna Steeles, Assistant Director, Performance and Improvement at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust

John Clarke, Former-CIO of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, and now Netcall’s Head of Client Solutions – Health

Building engagement & efficiencies in the Outpatient Pathway

Our suite of digital tools support delivery of the NHS Elective Recovery Plan – from Waiting Well, to digital appointment management, through to optimising PIFU pathways, we can help.

Useful information

Waiting List Validation

Accelerate waiting list validation and reduce the total number of people waiting – cost effective and rapidly deployed.

Digitising Outpatient pathways: Waiting well, PEPs, PIFU and beyond 

To optimise the outpatient pathway in the NHS, it is crucial to focus on solutions that streamline communication, empower patients and ultimately improve the overall healthcare experience. By implementing innovative technology and tools, hospitals can better manage referrals, appointment bookings and post-appointment support.

Diagnostic booking

Streamline appointments for X-rays, CT and MRI scans. You’ll reduce manual processes and did-not-attends, while enhancing efficiency and the patient experience.