Understanding your customers and staff is important – if they are dissatisfied you won’t know until it’s too late. At the same time, knowing what you are doing 'right' can sometimes be missed.

  • Easy-to-use automated Survey facility
  • Programme surveys to your requirements to find out relevant information
  • Save costs using in-house functionality to undertake customer research

Obtaining information about how customers feel about you - what you are doing right or whether your organisation’s thoughts about a product are echoed in the marketplace can be a costly exercise. Research fees can be costly and the flexibility to change questions is limited.

As a solution, Surveys can be integrated easily with your existing telephony connections enabling you to obtain immediate results that can influence you to develop or improve your offerings using their feedback. The tool provides the ability to adapt and develop your questions through a dynamic blend of questioning and contextualisation.

The immediacy of Surveys results allows the organisation to have both understanding and prompt reaction to the changing environment. The results are automatically stored and can be downloaded from a web interface for report creation or to update your databases.

Through utilising surveys internally you are able to adapt the questions to find out specific information about a product or service in addition to providing cost savings on external agency or hosting facilities.

Learn more, download the Surveys product sheet.