Rotherham enhances patient access with launch of innovative digital diagnostic booking service

15th of May 2024

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is excited to announce the official launch of its cutting-edge diagnostic booking solution, developed in partnership with Netcall – the first of its kind and set to transform and modernise the Trust’s diagnostic booking service. Diagnostics are tests or procedures used to identify a patient’s disease or condition. Finding out what is wrong with a patient is vital to treating them – more than 85% of patients seeking NHS care require diagnostics tests.

The new solution leverages Netcall’s advanced low-code technology to streamline diagnostic booking. Taking data directly from the Radiology Information Systems, the app automates the booking process, directly offering up appointment slots appropriate for the patient, meaning most patients can self-serve without having to make a phone call. In addition, less calls into the booking centre means those patients that still want to or must call in, don’t have to wait as long to have their call answered.

Some of the key benefits of the diagnostic booking solution include:

  • Reduced admin burden for staff as most of the heavy lifting is done by the app
  • Enhanced patient access – easy digital booking interface so no need to call
  • Improved patient engagement – elegant dropouts are designed into the booking process so that patients are prompted to request a call back if the booking cannot continue online
The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

“We are excited to launch this innovative Diagnostic Booking Solution, with the aim to transform and modernise our diagnostic operations. The launch of this new application builds on our existing partnership with Netcall, where we’ve seen sizeable efficiency gains with outpatient digital appointment booking with Patient Hub. To continue this journey into the area of diagnostics makes complete sense.”

James Rawlinson

Director of Health Informatics, Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

“Working alongside Netcall, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has introduced a user-friendly X-ray appointment booking portal which allows patients to take control on when they would like to attend their X-ray appointment, booking their appointment online via mobile phone, tablet or computer. This provides patients with the flexibility to make the appointment at a time convenient to themselves, as well as being able to request a call back from the Radiology Booking Team at the click of a button from the booking portal.”

Steve Cheung

Head of Radiology, Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Netcall logo - white

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust with this innovative project. This Diagnostic booking solution demonstrates our commitment to empowering Trusts with innovative technology to drive operational efficiency and improve that patient relationship from the get-go.”

John Clarke

Head of Client Solutions – Health, Netcall

HSJ Digital Awards

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust’s commitment to innovation and excellence has been recognised, as they have been shortlisted for the prestigious HSJ Digital awards in the category of Digital innovator of the year. This accolade reflects the Trust’s dedication to leveraging technology to drive positive change and improve patient experience with the Trust.

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