Provide smarter chatbots that customers value

Make digital self-service easy for your customers – with chatbots that can immediately offer relevant, meaningful and personalised help.

Build bots that drive intelligent resolution

Make it easier and quicker for customers to self-serve by including friendly, personalised chatbots in their journey. Your chatbots can collect information, answer questions and handle basic transactions before involving your team. As a result, you can:

Provide 24/7 customer service, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs

Automate repetitive tasks, freeing up your team to focus on more complex issues

Collect data about interactions, providing insights to improve customer experiences

Build a bot

Our Bot Studio makes it easy for businesses to build flows that provide a quick and engaging way to interact with your business.

Intelligent and friendly

Guide customers to the correct information using digital menus, images, links and videos using AI-powered information capture.

Bot building made simple

Use our simple interface and drag-and-drop, no-code conversation flows and analytics – to create engaging and effective chatbots.

Provide personalisation

Improve personalisation by linking with stored account information so your chatbot will greet customers by name and anticipate their enquiry.

Seamless handover to team

Enable conversations to switch over easily to team members – if the customer requests this or the chatbot decides it’s the best option.

“We now have more resources to push into telephony and administration and can offer more of a 24/7 facility for customers on the chatbot side.”

Paul Appleyard

Customer Services and Representations Manager, Worcestershire County Council

Get started with chatbots

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