Surveys: efficiently gather better data

Maintain an ongoing view of patients’ symptoms, their state of mind and utilise data to make better decisions. Digitally capture patient data, enhance clinical workflow and boost patient satisfaction.

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Create time and space for important surveys

Making decisions about patient care and determining the right information to provide to help patients make the right decisions means keeping in touch with a patient’s symptoms and how they feel. With contact-centre and clinician time at a premium, keeping in touch is hard. And rekeying the data into the PAS is a waste of skilled colleague time, delaying other tasks.

The Surveys feature within Patient Hub, our Patient Engagement Portal, is the answer. Surveys can be rapidly configured to deliver the answers needed to make important decisions. Patients can complete at their convenience, where and when they like – meaning improved response rates. The data is available immediately – and the data can be quickly imported to other systems. The Surveys feature saves time for your teams, while improving patients’ experiences.

Optimise attendance

Help ensure the right requirements are met already when patients arrive for appointments.

Enhance workflow

Take advantage of the flexible survey design to ensure the most meaningful data is gathered.

Improve engagement

Let patients supply key data from home – avoiding the risk of unexpected issues preventing appointments on the day.

Patient Hub Surveys: How they work

Patient Hub Surveys streamline healthcare operations. You can gain real-time visibility of your appointment details and maximise attendance. Patients find comfort in providing data from home, reducing stress. Clinicians can save time, evaluate relevant data, and customise surveys to improve quality.

Alleviate patient stress caused by having to return to hospital unexpectedly.

Enhance clinician efficiency by digitising data collection.

Gain real-time visibility and customised survey capabilities.

Secure, flexible and user-friendly administration and reporting.

Automate data capture pre- and post-appointment

Pre-operative surveys are vital to capture data to ensure patients are ready for theatre. Post-operative surveys can support ongoing follow-up and avoid unnecessary follow-up appointments. The Surveys feature within Patient Hub provides a streamlined, flexible and secure method for capturing data and assessing patient conditions. Patients can enter important data from home. Surveys capture key attendance details and other information digitally – saving time for your teams, while improving patients’ experiences.

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