Connected citizen views

Camden Council gains richer insights into customer needs for a great customer experience.

The challenge

London Borough of Camden Council serves over 210,000 people across almost 22 square kilometres in the heart of London.

Making a real difference across their community, Camden Council has a vision of giving its citizens a great customer experience, with more choice. To build a holistic, connected view of their citizens, they needed a new CRM system to gain insights into the needs of citizens. At the same time, more self-service options would help empower service teams in achieving their vision of a true omnichannel contact centre.

Address quality issues

Quality of data in the legacy CRM system was poor, with manual input of forms leading to errors and delays in processing citizen data.

A joined up view

Moving away from standalone systems would ensure a complete view of citizen interactions and records for a better user experience.

“What we have been able to do with Netcall, which we’ve never been able to achieve with any of our other products is the ability to go from an idea to the build and test environment and then to have it live within another week.”

Phil Quickenden

Head of Customer and Registration Services, Camden Council

The solution

“There’s a big buzz around the platform seeing that potential of connecting what are normally quite disparate parts of the organisation. Information is currency – and the rest of the organisation is thinking how they can get the most from this information.”

Phil Quickenden

Head of Customer and Registration Services, Camden Council

The result

  • 70k records loaded from training to implementation
  • 3.5 months training to using CRM
  • Increased self-service
  • Rapid go-live
  • Real-time customer journey views
  • Improved citizen data quality
Low-code automation for smarter ways of working

Caution register

Camden Council has created a caution register that’s linked to their CRM. That means they have an in-built process to flag issues with individuals of concern — with a workflow that escalates this to different management levels in a centralised way.

Blue Badge service

The team are working with Netcall, building on their expertise and council experience, in delivering an accessible transport service solution. Knowledge transfer is boosting confidence in their team and helping pinpoint issues around process and planning.

What’s next

Camden Council plans to expand on case management requirements for community safety by building a module in Create. Expanding their use of workflows will support council services and deliver a more transparent customer journey, boosting first contact resolution. Building on their skills, the team are considering new opportunities across other council service areas. expand use of work flows through the system to boost  first contact resolution and transparent customer journey.

With their goal to streamline customer experience, Camden will offer omnichannel services to help balance demand.  With multi-skilled teams, they will handle emails, phone calls, and use more webchat to handle high demand areas eg, housing repairs.



quality citizen data




customer journey views

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