Using social to boost member experience and loyalty

Low-code application monitors conversation, engages with members and handles 1-1 responses via social media

The challenge

As a building society owned by members, and run for their benefit, Nationwide’s focus is on providing high-quality customer service. It’s vital to be available to members across communication channels, so they were the first company to offer 24/7 support using social media.

Operating in a highly competitive and regulated market, there’s a plethora of information available about products – mortgages, savings products, credit cards and current accounts. And whilst people are researching, they come across the best companies to use – often through friends, family, influencers and bloggers sharing their opinions on social media channels. Nationwide wanted to tap into this network.

Providing a social customer experience that excels

Nationwide worked with Netcall to develop a platform enabling team members to post and respond to individuals on Facebook and X accounts, using Liberty Create, our low-code platform.

“Liberty Create allows our teams to focus on delivering legendary service through social channels, keeping members within their channel of choice and addressing their needs effectively. Working with Netcall has been great, it’s an easy supplier relationship – their hands-on approach and accessibility sets them apart!”

Callum Lea

Senior Change Manager, Nationwide

The solution

“The pandemic increased the rate of digital adoption amongst our members. Being able to respond quickly and easily with a personal service allows us to stay true to our core values of providing a great customer experience to members.”

Callum Lea

Senior Change Manager, Nationwide

The result

  • Social Manager, built in Liberty Create, enables personal 1-1 responses between agents and members, providing a workflow to handle positive, neutral and negative responses
  • It provides an audit trail of conversations for agents to refer back to, supporting the required governance regulations
  • Social Manager monitors conversations about Nationwide and sentiment analysis prioritises the posts for replies
  • For confidential conversations, the application uses direct messaging
  • Advanced workflows enable agents to respond to members needs quickly and easily
  • Nationwide are able to respond quickly and easily to market trends dynamically
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Growing with a vendor you can trust

Social Manager enabled Nationwide to tap into a network of commentary on social media, helping them to better understand member’s current requirements, their opinions on the brand and how the building society could inform and influence these discussions. It gives them the ability to respond quickly and easily to market trends dynamically with a personal service – which aligns with their core values of providing great customer experience.

Nationwide has deployed many highly successful systems using Liberty Create, including Banking alerts, Mortgages, ISAs, Digital banking resilience app, Bereavements and Complaints. By doing so, it has achieved significant efficiency gains and cost savings across a range of operations.



increase in volumes handled


handling social media responses

Audit trail

of conversations

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