Digital interaction: Engage on people’s channel of choice

Provide customers with choice and convenience. Enable smooth and satisfying conversations across chat, email, text and social media on any device.

Greet and serve customers on any channel or device

Enable personalised, meaningful conversations across channels, thanks to a comprehensive set of digital tools boosted by bots and predictive AI.

Accurately answer common questions at customers’ first point of contact

Use historical conversation data to recognise and greet customers

Deliver a personal experience with AI that understands customer needs

Manage all your digital conversations in one place

Our Liberty Converse omnichannel desktop manages customer contact via one easy-to-use interface.
Provide your team with context, even when customers channel-shift.


Categorise, prioritise and forward emails to the most qualified team members to answer. Include integrated CRM routing and dynamic email queue configuration.


Answer routine questions quickly around the clock and transition to chat or a call with your team when needed. Build bots quickly through Bot Studio with our drag-and-drop, no-code interface.


Seamlessly move from chatbot to chat with all the previous conversation’s context. Each team member can handle up to six chat sessions simultaneously with our customisable solution.

SMS messaging

Drive the effectiveness of customer communications with one-way and two-way SMS messaging, which some customers find simpler.

Social media

Interact with customers through Facebook, Instagram and Google Business. Assign interactions to the best-qualified team member and collect customer data.

Co-browse and screen share

Enable your team to use voice or chat channels to guide customers effortlessly to what they need. Our solution is secure, with no installation required.


“Having the Liberty Platform allows us to be a fully digitised service. Our agents can successfully work from anywhere – including answering emergency calls from home. The only barrier we actually faced was upgrading hard-copy documents – once we created these digitally, everything worked seamlessly.”

John Wintour-Pittom

Head of Operations for Trust Telecom, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

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