Discover how to power up your CX

Today’s contact centres must deliver an outstanding customer experience (CX), time and again. The stakes have never been higher.

Research suggests that 96% of customers would leave a business if it gives them bad service.

However, happy customers are likely to recommend businesses they value.

Increasing customer retention by just 5% can see profits rise by up to 95%.

Let’s find the key to delivering a standout CX

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What do customers really want?

Some common themes have emerged

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What’s going wrong with CX?

It’s possible to spend a fortune and still fail

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How can I power up CX today?

Game-changing tools are now within reach

It’s time to power up your customer experience

With the right strategy and technology, you can eliminate silos, access essential data and delight customers. That’s the secret to powering up your CX. The beauty is you don’t have to rip and replace swathes of your technology stack; you can get started with your infrastructure.

Partner your team & talents across your business

...with our easy to use automation platform deliver friction-free processess

...rewarding customer experiences, fast

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Netcall’s Liberty Converse contact centre solution gives you everything you need to take your CX to the next level. You’ll also save time, money and resources. Our tech is created in the UK, with security at its core, and is based on 20+ years of listening and responding to our customers’ CX needs.

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What do customers really want?

While every customer journey is different, there are some common themes.

Typically, customers want:


Effortless, friction-free interactions


Speedy resolutions


Personalised service

But these expectations are changing. It’s a profound change and some contact centres are buckling, under the weight of expectation and complexity, as they try to deliver these omnichannel experiences. Customers now expect to choose their contact channel - and then shift between channels, at any time, while the conversation continues seamlessly.

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Let’s look at the barriers that may be standing in your way

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Go direct to the CX answers that organisations now need

Here’s the awkward truth

Some organisations are failing at CX, even after spending a fortune on new contact centre technology. Queues persist, customers fume and loyalty is evaporating.

Does this sound familiar?

Right now, many companies’ contact centre infrastructures probably look something like this…

The problem

Customers have often been on a long journey, via several touchpoints, before interacting with a representative. But they can only access data from one source at a time.

The cause

Multiple contact channels operate in silos, creating data that's stored in different places. This leads to a frustrating mismatch.

The process

Data silos

The outcome

Put simply, customers can’t get all the answers they need quickly in one place, whether they’re talking with a representative, chatting online or trying for self-service.

They have to keep repeating themselves, verifying their identity constantly and getting directed to different channels. Everything feels like an uphill slog.

But here’s the good news

Other companies are getting it right. They’ve taken a completely different approach with their contact centre tech. They’ve powered up their CX — and it’s paying off.

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Go direct to the CX answers that organisations now need

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See for yourself what CX innovation can deliver for your customers

What’s the answer to today’s CX challenges?
We’ll let you into the secret

The best contact centre platforms get systems talking — quickly and easily. You can bring together your CRM, helpdesk, case management systems, databases, telephony, chat tools, social media and a variety of other systems. The result? A CX transformation begins.

And here’s the good news…

Simplicity is the watchword here. The contact centre platform you choose should give you tools that get systems talking — without being slow, disruptive or costly. That could mean bringing together your CRM, helpdesk, case management systems, databases, telephony, chat. You don’t need an army of expensive integration specialists. Low-code tools can be used for the job. Your teams can create intuitive apps and streamlined workflows for the CX you need, today and tomorrow.

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Create apps that improve digital journeys

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Use automation to boost contact centre productivity

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Support your team as they manage CX better

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Keep innovating and sharpen your competitive edge

Create apps to work better and enrich digital journeys

Optimise your contact centre operation by connecting CRM data, simplifying processes and building powerful case management tools.

You can create processes 10 times faster than usual methods using low-code development. And a simple drag-and-drop interface lets people without coding skills build apps that provide an excellent user and customer experience.

Low-code application development also enables effective use of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) for and even more personalised and responsive experience for both teams and customers.

Do more with less: How automation can boost your contact centre productivity

With low-code tools and RPA, you can:

Create new call routing strategies in moments, with drag-and-drop actions and conditions.

Use smart call/chat queuing and routing to triage and match each enquiry to the right representative to handle simple queries.

Automate repetitive tasks, such as updating account information, issuing invoices or post-call wrap-ups and other tech added over time.

Use robots alongside your human team

The new breed of contact centre platform will have artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA) features, when you need them. By blending human and robot interaction seamlessly, you get great tech and can deliver an excellent customer and employee experience. Very quickly, it’s possible for automation to handle a host of monotonous tasks. This frees up your human team for more complex conversations, where delivering a great CX counts the most.

Simplify and enhance the experience

With the best contact centre tech, your team can access all channel interactions and data via a single pane of glass — and serve customers better.

22% of contact centres are dealing with increasing attrition rates compared to 2020.

Around 89% of representatives now work remotely.

It's essential to balance customer needs with the wellbeing of your team members. Improving the experience will help you retain experienced staff and tomorrow's rising stars.

Leading contact centre tech should come free from bloated software or fiddly features, that representatives and managers are unlikely to use. Representatives should get intuitive, uncomplicated tools from day one, with everything in one place. As a result, they can keep pace with soaring customer expectations. This means no more switching between screens (or cut-and-pasting data) while customers are kept waiting. Instead, your team can focus 100% on delivering swift resolutions and a great, all-round CX.

Keep innovating - in your contact centre and beyond

Here’s something remarkable: the same low-code tools that stitch together your contact centre processes can also be used to deliver more innovation and unify other areas of your business. You can adopt a step-by-step approach.

Step 1

Enhance your contact centre

Which functions do your contact centre operations touch? With the right tech, you can bring in relevant and timely data from your helpdesk, billing, payments, sales and marketing.

Step 2

Add self-service

You can quickly deploy and configure more self-service and representative-assisted digital channels to complement your voice and email channels.

Step 3

Boost your business transformation

Now you’ve got momentum, the same low-code tools can be used to connect and automate other business processes - far beyond your contact centre - to drive efficiency and save you money.

Stay in control and begin to shape your CX culture

A fully joined-up contact centre is critical for creating an agile, enabled CX culture that benefits customers. You can bring together processes, technologies, business functions and personal empowerment — and become more effective in every interaction. That single pane of glass is perfect for managers. You can oversee your team’s performance and workflow with a consolidated view of all interactions. It’s simple to generate reports in moments to identify new ways to boost customer satisfaction. You can also adopt and embed new customer service initiatives with ease.

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See for yourself what CX innovation can deliver for your customers

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Read the stories of organisations who’ve transformed CX