Responding to digital disruption

Creating a low-code application for managing competition and voting campaigns

The challenge

ITV, the UK’s largest and oldest commercial television company, broadcasts shows across a network of 15 regional licenses. Traditional television broadcasters face more competition than ever before as viewers access content in new formats, from digital services and on different devices. It’s more important than ever that the established broadcasters offer a superior experience.

Striving for operational excellence

In response to the digital disruption they were facing, they wanted to implement a large-scale drive for operational excellence. Almost 100 business users were involved in the initial process improvement drive as it was important to keep the team engaged with the project. Liberty Create, our low-code platform, enabled the team take control without a digital coding background.

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“It was great to actually go to Netcall and design the system ourselves in Create, rather than list a whole load of requirements and send them off to a developer.”

Jane Laurence

Head of Specialist Broadcast Schedules, ITV

The solution

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“Low-code allows us to experiment, to try out some of our improvement ideas. Other parts of ITV have similar requirements, so we hope to see adoption of this low-code approach spread elsewhere in the business. Low-cost, low-risk experiments help validate improvement and innovation ideas, so we can keep process owners engaged and motivated to continue embedding operational excellence across ITV.”

Ian Cottrell

Director of Broadcast Distribution & Services, ITV

The result

  • Having begun with small-scale experimentation with process design, in two days, they had built a fully functional prototype for their first application
  • Final applications were built within weeks, having previously spent months waiting in the IT queue
  • The team can now communicate between departments easily using automated messages – the need for manual, easy-to-lose emails is removed
  • Operational users can work on improving their own technology, without relying on central IT resources
  • Using low-code, managing day-to-day tasks and auditing processes are much simpler.
Hear it for yourself
Tackling project after project

The next step will be to extend the platform to integrate with ITV’s data warehouse for campaign analytics. Create is standardised as the Broadcast Distribution Department’s low-code platform, and there are always further projects in the pipeline.


2 Days

to build fully operational prototype

10 Seconds

alert time for on-air incidents


put process owners in control

Building applications. Fast.

Here’s how you can implement a large-scale drive for operational excellence.

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