Waiting List Validation

Accelerate waiting list validation and reduce the total number of people waiting – cost effective and rapidly deployed.

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Instantly reduce waiting list size

In a healthcare landscape grappling with soaring waiting lists, exacerbated by the impact of Covid-19, the urgency to ensure those waiting still need treatment has never been greater. Our Waiting List Validation solution addresses these challenges efficiently and effectively – delivering high responses rates, typically leading to significant numbers of patients opting to be discharged from waiting lists.

Streamline validation

Automated patient contact without the need for an admin army.

Optimise resources

Use contact centre and clinician time more effectively.

Rapidly deployed

Can be up and running in less than a fortnight, with high immediate response rates.

80.4% Response Rate

13.2% Discharge Rate

“Using Netcall to validate our waiting list has increased the response rate from 50% to over 80% within 72 hours of contacting. This allows us to communicate directly and easily with patients to understand their healthcare requirements and keep our waiting lists up to date so we can offer earlier appointments to patients that still wish to be seen.”

Donna Steeles, Assistant Director, Performance and Improvement

Waiting List Validation: How it works

Our Waiting List Validation solution can be ready in less than two weeks. Deploy it as a standalone system via CSV or integrated seamlessly through CSV, HL7, or APIs with our patient portal, Patient Hub. The application engages with patients by assessing their wait time and inquiring about their treatment preferences, providing specialty-based, customisable responses.

This approach has delivered an impressive 89% response rate within 36 hours, with an average of 7.5% of patients opting for removal from the list. A web-based portal with automated worklists enables reviews and actions, empowering your clinicians to manage responses efficiently.

Improve patient engagement and validate your waiting lists with minimal resources required.

Tailor questions easily for different patient groups.

Empower clinicians with automated worklists, enabling faster decisions.

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