Pioneers of a digital approach to support expansion goals

Using low-code to build the systems that Hampshire Trust Bank need and to manage process improvement

The challenge

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) is a specialist bank staffed by experts, they focus on helping UK businesses realise their ambitions. Primary operations are development finance and specialist mortgages, and specialist business finance but they also provide award-winning savings accounts to individuals and businesses. With an impressive growth trajectory in terms of staff and revenue, the bank targeted digital as key to its expansion.

Reimagining a specialist bank

Frustrated with relying on external resources for technical developments on tasks which they didn’t deem to be particularly challenging, with results slower and not always in line with their requirements, HTB felt they could build and manage the systems they needed better themselves. And this would probably be more cost effective.

They began searching for a way to utilise the knowledge within the business, without hiring an army of developers. They had the ideas of what they needed and how it should work. Low-code was the answer. Enter Liberty Create, our low-code platform.

“Liberty Create and its data gathered are driving factors in determining operational efficiency. It’s changed the behaviour of the bank – from operating predominantly manual processes, into being digitally orientated and process efficient. We offer a fantastic proposition and low-code tech sits firmly behind that.”

Russ Fitzgerald - Hampshire Trust Bank

Russ Fitzgerald

CIO, Hampshire Trust Bank

The solution

“Initially, we worked alongside the Netcall team, who started our delivery and then worked extremely well with us to handover to our small but very talented internal team. We’ve had very strong engagement with Netcall, from the CTO all the way down – we value this support and attention greatly. For us, it is amongst the highest criteria we look for in a supplier – and there are only a handful of suppliers where we genuinely feel we get that top level of support, plus the ability to feedback, request and input on Liberty Create product road mapping. We’ve really appreciated the agility of the Create team.”

David Patterson

Head of Solutions & Delivery, Hampshire Trust Bank

The result

  • First project delivered four months earlier than planned and at less than one-third of anticipated cost
  • HTB formed a small team who, using Liberty Create, can now build the systems they need and manage process improvement
  • Platforms built using low-code have become core assets, assisting with vital areas like linking their API infrastructure to data services, fraud prevention, credit risk and Companies House data
  • Gained additional dev time
  • Enabled growth without raising headcount
  • Integrated tech stack
  • Replaced manual processes
  • No longer a user of a legacy core banking platform – they build out to their own capabilities
Growing with a vendor you can trust

Like any innovative team, the HTB Development Team have more ideas than they have resources for. Their confidence in using low-code as a front end tool has seen them explore using it for internet-facing services, several digital services to improve internal workflow and processes and many ‘microservices’.

They utilise the workflow capabilities across the bank to improve back-office efficiency, data governance, data quality and control. And always also improving operational efficiency. Liberty Create allows a deeper understanding of how long processes take and how they can be streamlined.

Learn how HTB is now exploring Liberty’s AI capabilities to enhance service and productivity.


4 Months

earlier than planned project delivery


of anticipated cost


without raising headcount

A fresh approach to change

If you would like to deliver projects earlier than planned and at less than the anticipated costs – low-code could be the answer.

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