Digital transformation for rail, utilities and construction

Use Liberty Create to quickly and easily develop bespoke applications that power efficiency and savings in your organisation.

Boost performance
in field and site operations

Streamline your workflows by automating repetitive and manual tasks. Build in features like scheduling, route optimisation, task assignment, inventory management and customer communication. The result? You’ll optimise resource allocation, boost productivity and deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences.

Harness the power
of valuable data

Empower your field team to make informed, on-the-go decisions. Bring data sources together and analyse information about your customers, equipment, inventory and service history. Identify patterns, predict maintenance needs and optimise scheduling to enhance customer experience. You’ll accurately diagnose problems and resolve issues faster.

Breathe new life
into legacy systems

Connect new applications seamlessly without migration hassles and disruption to unlock more value from your existing systems and databases. With a joined-up infrastructure, you’ll accelerate efficiency and agility.

Low-code is transforming field and site operations

Field and site operation teams must respond to industry pressures, unexpected events and customer needs. Ensure that the processes sitting behind their activities are accurate and timely, and ensure a smooth productivity schedule.

Deliver smarter digital services for a major efficiency advantage


efficiency savings at UK Power Networks through reduced administration time

5 weeks

East Midlands Railway’s webchat and voicecalls deployed in 5 weeks increasing customer experience


Net promoter score increase for NCB with automated report generation and management


different requests per month handled through Network Rail’s Digital RAMS approval system

Benefits for the rail and construction sectors

Netcall enables you to achieve your business goals faster by enabling you to respond to new process and efficiency challenges in field and site operations.

Increased productivity

Create better solutions, simplify compliance and reduce cost.

Empowered teams

Enable engineers and business teams to create apps together – fast.

Improved decisions

Use data to drive activities, trigger alerts and shape priorities.

United systems

Save re-keying data and gain a unified view of all business activity.

Thinking big, starting small

Quickly add new apps and scale them easily to meet your changing needs.

Managed compliance

Embed compliance processes, protect data and maintain audit trails.

Liberty for field and site operations

Power up your field service and site operations with a future-proofed digital platform. Liberty lets you stay connected with assets, teams, and customers.

“We are excited to continue our digital journey. The Liberty platform gives us a solid foundation and Netcall provides the tools that we need today, plus growth opportunities for the future.”

Dave Roberts

IS/IT Director, UK Power Networks

Network Rail

“It’s all in the planning. The Netcall team was superb, they literally delivered more in the first fortnight than we were able to deliver in the previous six months. We methodically worked through a spreadsheet of the process and dependencies, they worked hand in hand with me to reach what we wanted to achieve.”

Mark McMonagle

Business Systems Development Manager, Network Rail


“Having transitioned to the Liberty Create low-code and Liberty OPA document generation platform, it has given us the foundation to continue to look at other areas of opportunity, which is very positive.”

Sam Brunker


“Netcall really pulled out all the stops to help us meet our deadlines. The whole project team were completely committed and we have built a great supplier relationship. It was a real achievement to deploy everything in 5 weeks.”

Nara Burne
Business Change Manager, East Midlands Railway

Partner eco system

Our capabilities are evolving at speed, enhanced by a growing partner eco system that includes niche specialists and global advisory firms.

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