Creating a clear roadmap for tangible benefits and ROI

Scrutton Bland’s digital transformation delivers tangible benefits and predictable return on investment

The challenge

The accounting profession has undergone considerable change, largely driven by the UK Government backed initiative Making Tax Digital (MTD) and the rapidly expanding accounting technology industry. Businesses across the globe have been digitising all aspects of their business, including Finance functions, at an ever increasing pace.

The Partners at Scrutton Bland realised early on that they needed to be at the forefront of this change to ensure that they continued to deliver an exceptional service to clients that represented great value for money.

Improving processes

The SB Digital service was designed to help clients optimise their business by improving processes and underpinned by the latest technology. SB Digital use Liberty Spark, our process improvement and mapping software, to support them in helping their clients understand their processes and build a business case.

“We can demonstrate to clients the areas where cost savings can be made, and which process can be made more efficient. Once they understand this, they are compelled to act.

Ryan Pearcy

Business Advisory Director, Scrutton Bland

The solution

“Not only can this exercise show how much the client will save, but they can also clearly see the steps they need to take to achieve their objectives. The biggest value for our clients is undoubtedly to be able to clearly see the difference between the old and the new. They can easily envisage what will change, and the positive impact these changes will have on their business.”

Ryan Pearcy

Business Advisory Director, Scrutton Bland

The result

  • Scrutton Bland can demonstrate to their clients how much of a saving they may be able to realise
  • This differentiator keeps their practice ahead of the competition and helps them to win new customers
  • Clear path to achieving project objectives
  • Tangible cost savings – return on investment delivered within the first year
  • Transparent understanding of where savings and efficiencies can be made.



where savings and efficiencies can be made


within 1 year



Drive process excellence across your organisation

With Liberty Spark you can quickly and intuitively map any organisational process and then rapidly build them in Liberty.

More case studies

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