Patient Initiated Follow-up (PIFU)

Expand uptake, reduce manual processes and enhance efficiency as you manage PIFU (Patient Initiated Review in Scotland) across major outpatient specialties.

Simplify and accelerate PIFU

Our PIFU Patient Hub module helps NHS teams move faster towards transitioning or discharging more of their outpatient attendances to PIFU pathways.

Without digital tools, PIFU can place a heavy and intense admin burden on teams – with non-integrated spreadsheets or lists creating risk and inefficiency. The Patient Hub PIFU module helps you to co-ordinate and better manage a comprehensive range of tasks, including patient assessments, appointment booking and follow-up phone calls.

Empower patients

Give them more control over how they receive care and elevate their experience.

Tailor each journey

Customise PIFU pathways for every speciality and clinical need.

Improve management

Simplify PIFU operations – creating efficiency and minimising risk.

PIFU module: How it works

The Patient Hub PIFU module enables patients to be added to specific pathways. Once opted in, the patient can request an appointment or be contacted in line with the particular pathway. Check-ins can be automatically triggered via Patient Hub according to the requirements of particular pathways – when patients would normally attend a face-to-face appointment. Surveys can assess current conditions and an automated workflow can be triggered based on scores to initiate either an appointment request or reassurance.

Improve the patient experience and alleviate any backlog by eliminating unnecessary appointments to free up clinical staff.

Reclaim valuable time through the use of automated workflows.

Ensure patient safety with check-ins that identify at-risk individuals.

Implement surveys to assess patient conditions.

Tailor PIFU pathways to specific specialities and clinical requirements.

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