Case management: for happy updated customers

Improve your CSAT score by proactively managing issues in a better way. Use tailored case management and automation for excellent communications and swifter resolution.

Track, communicate and resolve issues in one place

Empower your team with our Case Management tool, seamlessly integrated with Liberty Converse. It provides cross-channel conversations and case histories, improves knowledge and efficiency, and automates repetitive tasks and communications. Save time, keep customers informed, and increase your CSAT score with faster resolutions.

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Workflow streams

Streamline customer service with drag-and-drop design tools to prioritize, manage, monitor, and follow up on detailed interactions.

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Improved data accuracy

Automate repetitive communication tasks and track problems to streamline workflow.

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Joined-up teamwork

Collaborate with cross-functional teams and gather customer feedback until all issues are resolved for successful business outcomes.

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Customer loyalty

Ensure urgent, complex or detailed customer enquiries are never lost or delayed and provide timely answers to meet your SLAs and customers’ expectations.

Ready to talk about case management?

Let’s see how we can help. Talk to one of our experts to see how Liberty Converse can empower your teams.

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