Use intelligent routing to improve every journey

Get your customers to the right place the first time without delay. Route more complex customer enquiries through voice or digital channels to the best-skilled team member.

Make it easy for customers to help themselves or get assistance

Intelligent routing is a crucial feature for any digitally transforming contact centre. It matches customer data to relevant information, departments, groups or team members to increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience.

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Improve your CSAT scores

Boost satisfaction levels by helping customers swiftly get the information they need.

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Take seconds off call length

Ensure your team knows what requests are about when they connect with customers.

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Get the best from your team

Route calls to team members that best match their skills and experience.

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Reduce customer effort

Ensure customer journeys take the most direct route, saving time and increasing your efficiency.

Intelligent customer journeys made simple


“Our whole premise now is to offer a better service, where calls that go to an Operator get the time they need to fully explain their request. And because calls are correctly routed at the start, ward time isn’t being wasted, and calls don’t circle back to switchboard — which was frustrating for patients.”

John Wintour-Pittom

Head of Operations for Trust Telecom, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Questions about routing?

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