Three times faster process delivery

South Hams District Council transforms processes faster to drive improved CX

The challenge

South Hams District Council is a south west Devon local authority delivering a range of services for residents and businesses. Working with West Devon Borough Council they have undertaken an exciting transformation programme to revolutionise customer service delivery.

The councils wanted to remove departmental silos and enable an agile workforce to work from anywhere. To effectively automate services and prioritise workloads, they needed a single integrated platform to host all customer requests, perform complex case management and operate workflows. This would support the councils in reaching greater efficiency and customer satisfaction, plus minimising shadow IT and unofficial employee workarounds.

One platform to meet many aspirations

This was an opportunity to re-engineer internal processes to be smooth, automated and efficient. The platform would be future-proof, enabling the two councils to make flexible improvements in-line with changing business needs. With Liberty Converse already in play, our omnichannel contact centre solution, now was the time to roll-out Liberty Create, our low-code platform.

“Not only can we design and develop new applications quickly, but Create allows us to build a concept and easily show how it works to the wider team. Despite having a much smaller team, we are seeing rapid transformation in about a third of the time and using low-code has enabled us to push processes out about six times faster than the previous system.”

Jim Davis

Customer Improvement Manager, South Hams District Council

The solution

“Using AppShare gave us a fantastic start. With a little technical help from Netcall, we were able to deploy a live process, built from scratch, that suited our requirements in less than a week from taking delivery of the Liberty Create program. The new app also saved our case management team time by automating as much of the business logic as possible.”

Mike Ward

Head of IT Practice, South Hams District Council

The result

  • In 18 months, they transformed 90 processes
  • They now have a secure portal allowing citizens to log and manage their own cases, with integrated forms and progress updates
  • Channel choice for citizens and a nudging process to digital (such as by email after a phone call) to make switching to online easy
  • A central customer record and easy omnichannel handling for contact centre staff
  • End-to-end processes that extends the councils’ capacity to integrate with third-party solutions and legacy software
  • Performance management driven by SLAs in real-time, allowing the team to exceed customer expectations
  • They can now support the mobile workforce to update case tasks, even with patchy mobile coverage
  • They have introduced self-service and integrated tech, like chatbots, to shift routine tasks to digital
Hear it for yourself
End-to-end solution driving better customer experiences

Moving forward, the unity of Netcall’s Liberty Converse, Create and Citizen Hub solutions will provide these two councils with a complete end-to-end solution, facilitating a seamless customer experience for citizens and businesses. The effective integration of the Liberty Platform will enable the councils to funnel all customer contact through its customer service function, ensuring enquiries are all managed under a single queue of work and offering consistent responses.



of customers now self-serve


huge savings


visibility of high value tasks

One solution to meet many aspirations

Re-engineer your internal processes to be smooth, automated, efficient and future-proof – here’s how we’re enabling the councils to make flexible improvements in-line with changing business needs.

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