Streamline the test
results process

Provide proactive messaging that keeps patients informed about test results automatically. Reduce the need for them to keep calling – because an app keeps them updated every step of the way.

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Track and share test results securely and automatically

Waiting for test results can be stressful for patients. They may keep calling your teams for any news, which takes precious admin and clinical time. However, our Results application provides a seamless and automatic way for NHS Trusts to manage a variety of tests – providing tracking and sharing results automatically with patients.

Relieve patient anxiety

Instant SMS notifications keep patients up to date at all times.

Protect sensitive data

Test results are secure, thanks to robust two-factor authentication.

Save admin time

Fewer patients will feel the need to call for results updates.

Results module: How it works

Patients receive SMS notifications containing secure links to access their results. With two-factor authentication in place, sensitive information is protected at all times. Patients can track the progress of their test results and status – from ‘pending’ to a negative or positive outcome. Hospitals can also attach documents for patients to download or schedule call-backs through the application. The Results app is cloud-based and quick to deploy, either as a stand-alone solution or integrated with Netcall’s Patient Hub.

Hospital administrators can easily monitor the status of each uploaded test.

Patients are prompted to mark results as read, allowing for efficient tracking.

Unopened or unread results are automatically reported to NHS teams.

Patients can be provided with relevant advice through documents linked with their results.

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