Diagnostic Booking

Streamline appointment booking for X-rays, CT and MRI scans. You’ll reduce manual processes and did-not-attends, while enhancing efficiency and the patient experience.

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Go digital with Diagnostics

Our Diagnostic Booking application simplifies appointments for patients and saves valuable admin time spent managing referrals, bookings and follow-ups.

The app automates the booking process, taking data directly from Radiology Information Systems when a patient is referred for diagnostic imaging. It’s easy for patients to choose the most appropriate appointment time – with zero effort from your booking team. The app captures safety information from the patient and reassures them about the procedure. Everything is clear and simple, meaning fewer wasted appointments.

Diagnostic Booking sits on our Liberty platform that puts you in control.

Improve experiences

Increase convenience for patients and manage anxiety about procedures.

Boost attendance

Reduce the number of did-not-attends and wasted appointments.

Free up your team

Reduce the administrative burden on your team, thanks to automation.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
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Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust and Netcall are shortlisted for Digital Innovator of the Year for transforming Diagnostic Booking earning a prized place on the panel’s shortlist

Launch of innovative digital diagnostic booking service

“We’ve introduced a user-friendly X-ray appointment booking portal which provides patients with the flexibility to make the appointment at a convenient time and request a call back from the Radiology booking team at the click of a button.” Steve Cheung, Head of Radiology

Diagnostic Booking: How it works

The Diagnostic Booking application streamlines appointment booking. Once there’s a referral, the app links directly to the Radiology Information System and generates a user-friendly link to the patient via SMS. After verifying their identity, the app can present patients with a safety questionnaire, checking key points, such as whether they have a pacemaker. Next, it’s easy for patients to select the most suitable appointment. As the appointment gets closer, through integration with a PEP like Patient Hub, reminders and notifications offer reassuring information – so patients can attend on the scheduled day with a clear understanding of the planned procedure.

Reduce admin time in radiology appointment booking and management.

Minimise did-not-attends with automated reminders for the patient.

Improve capacity for X-ray, MRI and CT scans to help reduce patient waiting time.

Make the booking process slicker and more convenient for patients.

Provide reassurance and capture vital information from the patient to ensure there are no surprises on the day.

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Going digital with Diagnostics

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