Notifications and Reminders

Prevent missed appointments, optimise capacity, and enhance patient experience with scheduled or real-time notifications and reminders.

The Notifications and Reminders Application helps to reduce the number of patients missing their appointments, or ‘DNAs’ (Did Not Attends). These missed appointments not only disrupt the healthcare workflow and negatively impact waiting lists but also impact the overall patient experience.

Notifications and Reminders is part of Patient Hub, our digital Patient Engagement Portal.

Annual Leave

Reduce the number of missed appointments

Minimise DNAs by sending instant notifications and reminders.

Boost attendance

Reduce the number of did-not-attends and wasted appointments.

Free up your team

Reduce the administrative burden on your team, thanks to automation.

Notifications and reminders: How it works

Our Notifications and Reminders Application enables timely and effective digital communication with patients to keep them informed and ensure appointments are not forgotten. By delivering instant notifications and reminders by SMS, it prevents costly DNAs. Staff can also issue updates, guidance, and critical information, reducing disruptions and improving overall quality of care.

Minimise DNAs:
Prevent missed appointments and optimise capacity.

Improve patient experience:
Remind patients of their appointment so they don’t forget.

Streamlined workflow:
Easy integration with PAS systems.

Efficient resource allocation:
Reduce costly rebookings.

Enhanced care quality:
Provide critical information and updates promptly.

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