Housing providers can now take control of tenant arrears and income collections with the launch of Rent-IQ®

6th March 2024

In August 2023, the National Federation of ALMOs highlighted a growing challenge for housing providers: rent arrears soaring to over £60 million. In response to this pressing issue, a sophisticated software solution has been developed by Netcall aimed at empowering housing providers to effectively manage tenant arrears and rent collection.

Rent-IQ® is designed to analyse rent payment patterns. By harnessing the power of advanced algorithms, this intuitive and powerful software solution studies tenant payment behaviours, identifies emerging trends and predicts which tenants are at risk of falling behind on their payments. This predictive insight equips income collection staff with the knowledge they need to take proactive measures and prevent payment issues before they escalate.

Tailored to address income collection challenges, Rent-IQ offers a range of features:

  • Early identification: enables housing providers to anticipate payment difficulties before they manifest into significant problems, allowing for timely intervention.
  • Proactive support: alerts tenants of potential payment issues and extends a helping hand through automated notifications facilitating early resolution and minimising arrears.
  • Artificial intelligence: recognises shifts in tenant behaviour by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and providing valuable insights to inform decision-making processes.
  • Resource optimisation: ensures resources are allocated efficiently by prioritising staff time on high-risk cases and maximising collection efforts.
  • Integration with core systems: because Rent-IQ is built on the Liberty platform, it makes integration easy – no more manual lifting and shifting of data between systems.
  • Streamlined case management: automate case management processes, ensuring that revenue targets remain on track while minimising administrative burdens.
  • Cost and time savings: saves housing providers valuable time and money that would otherwise be spent on debt collection activities by proactively addressing arrears and streamlining collection processes.
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“Housing providers can now take proactive steps to address tenant arrears and collections, which ultimately fosters financial stability for their business and their tenants. Netcall developed this innovative solution specifically for the housing sector to address complex challenges and drive meaningful outcomes.”

Mark Gannon

Client Solutions Director

Rent-IQ is available on Netcall’s, user-friendly, AI-enhanced intelligent automation and customer engagement Liberty platform, that lets you transform at speed. You can automate processes, streamline workflows and make managing tasks and customer engagement easier, quicker and more productive.

Find out more about Rent-IQ and how it can help you take control of tenant arrears and income collections today.

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Find out more about Rent-IQ

Take control of tenant arrears and income collections today.