Get the best from your team with Quality Management

Find better ways to evaluate interactions, identify areas for improvement and give actionable feedback. The result? You’ll deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Give your team valuable feedback and drive continuous improvement

See and hear how your team interacts with customers via screen and call recordings – and give feedback through scorecard notes.

Reinforce positive behaviour and motivate your team

Track and reward good performance and improvements

Manage your remote team members effectively

Consistent service delivery monitoring for improved customer experience

Continuous Improvement Icon

Screen and call recordings

Combine voice and screen recordings, omnichannel transcripts and context to evaluate interactions and improve people’s performance.

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Evaluation forms and scorecards

Quickly assess interactions and scores, add annotations, and streamline your quality management process through a single interface.

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Performance analytics

Track performance with accessible, exportable metrics to reinforce positive actions and reward your people’s progress.

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Customer surveys

Link customer responses to the team member they spoke with – for immediate personal feedback from an outside perspective.

“Delivering great customer experience has always been important to NCP. As the frontline of our brand, our contact centre plays a vital role within this. The ability to understand our data in real-time and ask ‘why’ ensures we are well-equipped to deliver positive outcomes, even in unexpected circumstances.”

Hema Nagar

Head of Marketing, NCP

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