Waiting Well

As demand in service centres outstrips supply and many patients call to check their referral has been received, the process for dealing with this can be labour intensive and can make patients more anxious. CIO’s discuss how to effectively handle this situation.

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Automate Waiting Well

Reassure patients, minimise unnecessary appointments and save your team from having to handle thousands of calls requesting basic information.

Ensure patients always feel connected while they wait

The gap between a patient being referred for treatment and an appointment being scheduled is a stressful time for patients. This period of uncertainty results in a significant share of the calls received by NHS Trust contact centres.

Our Waiting Well application enables you to ease the anxiety of patients, provide answers easily and reduce their need to call. With workflows to support the NHS Waiting Well programme, the app also helps NHS teams to keep up with each patient’s current condition and provide valuable advice to help them prepare for their procedure.

Waiting Well sits on our Liberty platform that puts you in control.

Reassure patients

Provide them with valuable Waiting Well advice and information.

Optimise resources

Minimise unnecessary appointments and keep up with each patient’s condition.

Free up your team

Prevent unnecessary, time-consuming calls to your booking centre.

Waiting Well: How it works

As soon as patients are referred, the Waiting Well app reaches out to them by SMS. If you don’t have a mobile number for patients, then the app uses automated calls instead, so no-one is left behind. Configurable Waiting Well workflows provide decision-support information and capture vital pre-appointment data from patients.

Notify and engage with each patient as soon as a referral is received.

Provide ‘pre-hab’ according to the referral type using combination of documents, surveys and responses.

Keep patients informed, support their decision-making and reduce the need to call.

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