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Bringing more value to the lives of customers, communities and organisations around the UK, find out how our 2020 award winners are embracing innovative ideas to drive digital transformation.

Meet our 2020 award-winners

The winner: Cumbria County Council

The winner of the 2020 App of the Year was Cumbria County Council for their Test and Trace App. Cumbria’s scheme was the first to launch in the UK, delivered in 10 days, and beat the government to rollout a national system! The app is able to notify members of the public of outbreaks and incidents, helping to reduce the COVID impact on the community. Over 4,500 cases were recorded within Create and it enabled the team to reach 97.1% of contacts (compared with just 62.4% nationally).

The success of Cumbria’s Test and Trace has received praise from the Director of Public Health, and was also featured in the Sunday Times and the BBC Andrew Marr Show.

Each finalist also showcased their apps in a special awards session in front of a live virtual audience at What’s Next 2020.

The applications that were submitted, built using Liberty Create —
our market-leading low-code solution, show how rapidly organisations
have been able to deliver process and application solutions. ~
We salute the ingenuity and dedication of the build teams
that have been recognised, both as finalists and winners,
and we look forward to seeing what can be achieved next year!

The finalists

The 2020 App of the Year Finalists were:

Hampshire Trust Bank for their application built to put the control back into the hands of the brokers themselves. It uses the latest capabilities of Liberty Create 2020.1, including Theme Packs, as well as powerful enterprise integrations, including federated OIDC security, Experian and SnapLogic iPaaS. The design work and branding of the app was also to an extremely high standard, creating a great user experience.

NHBC’s Technology Assisted Inspections app was designed to enable NHBC to work in a new innovative way and bring in remote inspections using photographs, to cope with social distancing and increased remote working. The app was built by two business analysts that were new to low-code. After amazing feedback from the pilot, with only one question raised from 200 inspectors, it has been rolled out to allow inspections to continue in these new circumstances.

Bonfire Creative Intelligence identified the need for a platform to empower the volunteer sector to help manage, organise, deliver and track an ever-increasing level of support. The app that they developed, PieceofKind, intelligently matches volunteers with someone in need and won the innovation category. The app integrates with mobile technologies to provide two-way text-to-text communication and can be updated on the fly. The concept was created at the start of COVID, a minimum viable product (MVP) was built in Create, a government competition entered, a National Innovation award granted (out of 8,600 applicants) and a new was concept funded. Bonfire was able to build a working MVP in 12 days to submit as part of the proposal, which was crucial to funding being granted.

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The awards demonstrate the power of Liberty Create as a platform.
Solving real business problems, our winner and finalists show how imagination,
coupled with an innovative tool, can deliver efficiency and results.