3 Top tips to avoid tech regret

7th August 2023

by Richard Farrell

Latest UK customer satisfaction results make for fairly grim reading. Dropping year on year, the UK Customer Satisfaction Index shines a light on more financially strained customers (with more emotional needs) and organisations taking longer to handle complaints.

What might have worked before won’t quite cut the mustard anymore, which is hardly surprising. Economic uncertainty, customer demand and a loss of staff form a potent mix for most organisations — where tech is often seen as the panacea for all customer service woes. Yet in reality, we’re seeing tech buyers regretting their decisions as they seek to deliver a great customer service.

So what are high CSI-scoring companies doing to get it right?

They’re benchmarking themselves against the best of the best across all sectors.

Take for example UK Power Networks, named as the top utility provider for customer service. In a sector facing numerous challenges over the past year, that’s an achievement worth shouting about.

They, and the other organisations which placed in the Top 50, have understood customer pressures empathising and personalising services to individual needs. They’re also giving employees the tools they need to deliver this great service AND using automation, omnichannel solutions and self-service to support them. All that means they can focus their staff on meeting more complex customer needs.

With the right customer-focused tech, organisations can exceed customer expectations with tools that effectively handle and eliminate complaints, freeing up resources to focus on care and the human touch. And by making it easy for employees to work with these automated processes, customers and the organisation benefits.

Get the right tech, without tech regret

Gartner tells us 56% of all technology buyers have a high degree of tech regret. Two-thirds of those tech buyers aren’t in IT and buying processes have changed. But what about no-regret buyers? What are they doing differently to achieve success?

3 Top tips when choosing a provider

Buyers satisfied with their decisions have three things in common – they’re thorough, focused and disciplined. Which all seems fairly obvious. But when you’re balancing a desire to innovate with wider business goals and stretched resources, the picture can very quickly cloud over.

And it’s why making the right provider/supplier choice up front is so important. By following these three top tips, you’ll match up with the right partner invested in your ultimate success:

1. Focus on outcomes – not the tech

Strong supplier engagement means you’ll make better decisions from the start. An experienced provider will work with you to thoroughly clarify desired outcomes and your top objectives before implementing tech.

Solutions address challenges so look for a partner that engages with you to share similar customer success stories, highlighting relevant innovations across other sectors. And, perhaps most importantly, they’ll clearly explain how the solution can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

2. Understand value over time

Your provider should work with you to focus on your current and future needs. Scoping your requirements carefully, they’ll take time to assess your existing technology landscape to meet your long-term performance goals.

This is where experience in your industry really counts. The right supplier will help you focus on what’s necessary, helping you justify overall value over time.

3. Choose a partner in it for the long run

Finding a supplier invested in your long-term success means providing support throughout the solution lifecycle. To deliver the most value most rapidly requires excellence in delivery and enablement. After sales support is a key differentiator to look out for, along with evidence of successful long-term relationships with other customers.

Invest in the right tech provider

As organisations seek to improve efficiency, communicate better and give customers more personalised support, the right tech choice will impact customer satisfaction. Investing in the right tech partner, like Netcall, you will not only save money and sharpen processes but look forward to increased loyalty and advocacy. It’s why 9 out of 10 customers recommend us.

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