Blog 14 January 2022

Helping our customers achieve sustainability and transformation goals

by Richard Farrell


COP26 pushed sustainability and the environment up the agenda, and our priorities and goals are changing. We start 2022 knowing we must be kinder to the planet and its people. We accept that our future depends on embracing more sustainable practices, a greater sense of fairness and protecting health and wellbeing for all.

Many of Netcall’s customers are large organisations that are forging ahead to show leadership in sustainability and make a difference, facing the challenge of climate change directly after COVID-19.

We know that our customers are committed to their sustainability goals, and that they are combing their organisations for ways to save energy, cut waste and adapt to greener ways of working. They are keen to recycle more, reduce paper and promote healthy travel and transport. And we know of innovative businesses that are developing new goods and services to help us all build a greener planet.

How can an organisation become more sustainable and translate these excellent goals into practical steps?

It is not simple to provide ever better outcomes, and to make them sustainable, when financial pressures never go away. Any change, if it is to be viable, should also improve productivity and enhance the end customer experience.

In our sphere of operations, we can already see real change. Many of our customers are moving from paperwork to digital comms, reducing the volume of paper and printing they use. They are enhancing their online services and looking to video for meetings where this is more efficient than a face-to-face service.

Used well, digitisation can bring real efficiency and a step towards a lower carbon footprint. Digital transformation, along with moving to the Cloud, allows organisations to move their IT operations off site and leverage the computing power of larger data centres and the efficiencies they bring. 

Two of our customers stand out for their achievements in sustainability. Dumfries and Galloway Health Board has chosen Patient Hub to deliver part of their Sustainability and Modernisation programme, and Patient Hub moves this forwards and delivers on a number of fronts. It introduces digital communications, moves patient messaging to cloud-based computing and saves enormous amounts of paper, printing and postage.

In a very different way, a private sector business, DI BLUE, has used our low-code platform, Liberty Create, to build their My.FirstClimate carbon App. This will help many more public services navigate towards greater sustainability and greener ways of working. This App will make a real difference in many organisations, and we felt it was the clear winner in our App of the Year competition.

How are we changing at Netcall?

Sustainability is important to us and we have already moved to 100% renewable electricity at our offices. We are voluntarily reporting our own emissions and we have cut our Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions by 31%. We plan to achieve carbon neutrality including Scope 3 emissions by 2026.

Our Liberty Platform is helping customers in all sectors – healthcare, local government and business – to take steps towards their climate goals. During 2021, we supported many NHS and local government teams through change, in some cases transforming a paper-intensive service to a fast and friendly digital one, in others moving operations to a flexible deployment that enables staff to work effectively from home, or wherever else they may be, with everything they need to do their job effectively. Perhaps flexible or hybrid working will become more normal, as it reduces rush hour travel and promotes more family-friendly working.

We believe that change should always bring positive outcomes for our customers and the people they serve. We are committed to helping our clients use technology in the best possible way, where it brings efficiency and sustainability and enhances the end-user experience.

We are hopeful to see what 2022 will bring and wish you a happy, healthy and sustainable New Year.

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