Blog 04 November 2021

Set your digital systems free with low-code and RPA for Health

by Netcall


There is a growing need for an interoperable eco-system across the entire patient’s healthcare journey, the digitisation of key processes, the integration of multi-disciplinary comms and data and the removal of repetitive manual work. Why? Simply put, to increase capacity so that the health industry can reduce the huge waiting list backlog, and improve health and well-being for the population overall. We look at how low-code and RPA technology for health helps to put patients at the centre of everything you do.

Hospitals work best when they work together

Departments sharing information improves the patient experience. But the countless silos of data living in different health systems, too often prevents this. This is where Low-code and RPA for health come in. Combining these two technologies, you make automation and integration with NHS systems easier and more powerful than ever before. We call this Liberty Automation for Health.

Liberty automation for health not only helps you integrate your hospital, it also helps you make it the best it can be. You can rapidly build apps, up to ten times faster than traditional methods. The automation of manual processes frees up staff to focus more on patients and the things that matter, putting them where they should be – at the centre of everything you do.

Real-world examples in health

So in practical terms how can this be applied and what examples are there of this taking place right now?

A major hospital started its RPA journey automating back-office processes around invoicing. By automating that process they were able to free up 50% of staff members’ workloads. So, one process with one robot, half a persons’ time freed up instantly. Now imagine that scaled and multiplied in many, many different areas within a given hospital. That resource-saving is huge.

The hospital then moved on to clinical uses. Deploying a robot to data-mine a patient health record to look for signs that they might be susceptible to diabetes. A member of staff manually trawling through patient records is manual, repetitive and boring – open to making mistakes. A robot loves this type of job. Once shown how to do the process, they do exactly that, time after time. Using our RPA technology, the robot now finds these key indicators and flags up patients that should be assessed. Leaving doctors to focus on caring for patients that need it the most.

Netcall’s low-code and RPA platform is called Liberty automation for health. Embracing these technologies has shown its potential to not only improve the patient experience but importantly save lives.

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