What is low-code technology?

7th August 2022

by Richard Farrell

Low-code is the concept of enabling rapid development and improvement of software applications.

What is low code technology and how can it help?

You map the process you want to create – including steps, actions and end points – and the software takes care of the rest. And once you have your low-code app, you can test, refine and improve it on an ongoing basis. That means you can:

  • Solve processes, fast
  • Cut development time
  • Take the pressure off IT – and users with no coding knowledge can help with development

What is a low-code development platform?

A low-code development platforms lets you create an app by mapping the process you want to create – including steps, actions and end points – and the software takes care of the rest. And once you have your low-code app, you can test, refine and improve it on an ongoing basis.

Look at our flavour of low-code that business users and professional developers use, where you’ll typically find features that include:

  • Drag and drop interface
    A drag and drop graphical user interface to help design and build applications
  • Business rules engine
    A business process engine to create and manage information, relationships and logic rules. And be able to collect data at each point to give you a full history
  • Widgets
    Widgets such as tables, charts, maps and forms. That can all be used to create responsive interfaces that work for desktop, tablet and phone
  • Notifications
    Automatically triggered notifications to users or customers. Using SMS and email templates, social messages and in-app push notifications
  • Dashboards
    Tools to create bespoke real time dashboards and reports based on user needs
  • Central controller
    A central controller to support IT governance and have in-built security and encryption levels
  • Integrations
    Integration with pre-built connectors for common enterprise systems. And generic rest API adapters to connect to other systems in particular legacy systems
  • App store
    Access to an app store that includes pre-built applications and widgets. These can be downloaded and easily configured to avoid having to build from scratch

And they can come with advanced features like such as connecting artificial intelligence (AI) to your applications. For example using a chatbot or virtual assistance to answer common questions. Or allowing developers to use bespoke code if needed, to ensure you are not limited by the technology. As well as automated regression testing which can be scheduled or triggered as part of your deployment process.

4 use cases for low-code platforms

There are a multitude of creative ways you can use low-code in your organisation.  Here are 4 great examples:

1. Get it to process your orders

Simplify the order process by creating one low-code application that can be used by everyone in your company. That way, there’s no endless cycle of (unread) emails and everything syncs up nicely.

2. Shatter data silos

Get rid of data silos by creating one system to rule them all. Pull all your customer data together in one central repository that updates automatically. And retain complete control over who sees what and when.

3. Offer a new service in days

Our low-code solution helps you create apps 10X faster by giving business users the tools they need to build products themselves. Say someone wants to build a mortgage application app. They drag and drop the components they need, get IT to test it and then (pending approval) upload it to your site. It’s as simple as that.

4. Cut out the virtual clutter

Spend less time in your inbox by creating a low-code app for storing admin documents. Meeting minutes, action lists, related content – you can drop it all in app and upload it to your intranet. You can even automate email alerts so people know when you’ve uploaded something relevant to them.

Invest in the right tech provider

As organisations seek to improve efficiency, communicate better and give customers more personalised support, the right tech choice will impact customer satisfaction. By investing in the right tech partner, like Netcall, you will not only save money and sharpen processes, but look forward to increased loyalty and advocacy. It’s why 9 out of 10 customers recommend us.

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