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We specialise in bringing IT and the business closer together to accelerate business app development. Here’s how that works in practice.

Deliver solutions faster

IT is always under pressure to do more and that’s a problem for everyone – queues in IT mean slow progress for the business. We can help you share some of the development burden with business users, without compromising on standards or security.

  • Collaborate with non-developers
  • Empower regular users to deal with irritating issues, fast
  • Accelerate development times
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Simplify development

Developers may spend all day looking at streams of code, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate an intuitive interface. Make their lives easier with the simplest code studio out there.

  • Focus on the logic-flow
  • Build working prototypes in front of people’s eyes
  • Spend less time looking for a missing semicolon
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Speed up change

Accelerate business transformation with an all-new approach to digital transformation that’s led from the ground up.

Netcall Liberty Platform

Revitalise your contact centre and solve the IT challenges holding you back. This is a new way to transform and improve your customer experience, fast.

More apps. Less shadow IT.

Rapid innovation always needs to be balanced against compliance and security. We give you complete control over both. Compliance and IT teams can set access controls and vet apps before launch to make sure everything is secure, compliant and up-to-scratch.

  • Empower business users
  • Manage governance issues that come with digital transformation
  • Retain control of your rapid application development environment
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Reduce the cost of innovation

When one of your business analysts can do 80% of an app build themselves, you don’t need to hire extra developer talent when a deadline looms. That means you can do more, while spending less.

  • Transform IT developers into polishers
  • Cut the investment cost of new prototypes
  • Build new business applications faster
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Great today, better tomorrow

Great business applications aren’t just solutions, they’re jumping-off points. They help you solve problems today and give you the tools you need to keep improving and innovating.

  • Build apps that can be rapidly adapted and improved
  • Pull data from any source to drive your low-code apps
  • Connect new apps and join up your existing solutions
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