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End-to-End Tenant Management Solution

Housing Associations are under pressure to make it easier for tenants to request services. Things like paying rent or reporting a repair should be easy. However for many organisations this is a time-consuming and often a manual process. You can streamline these processes using a self-service portal such as Tenant Hub.

Our Tenant Hub solution is a housing specific case management framework with a self-service portal. Tenant Hub is built on our low-code platform. It includes core structures that you can re-use for all your services (people, properties, blocks, estates, tenancies and rent information). This makes change easy, fast and cost-effective and enables agile innovation across your organisation.

Refresh your IT structure, break down data and department silos and deliver business resilience. Our drag-and-drop interface gives you all the components you need to build, deploy and improve business applications. All without coding.

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Take a look at the benefits

Single view customer record
A single customer record improves outcomes and customer satisfaction. And agents can access this from anywhere.
Collaborative working
Work collaboratively with your team to develop and deliver essential services. You’re in control, as you flexibly add functionality step-by-step.
Omnichannel, case management
The user interface makes it easy for agents to switch between tasks and has integration with our contact centre, Converse, for true omnichannel comms.
Easy to use, 24/7 self-service
Increase digital up-take with a self-service portal which encourages more tenants to go digital, Saving your team time and costs.
Tenant portal
Easy to use and secure, you can expect 60% of tenants to move to digital within six months.
Real-time reporting
Track in-depth process activity, stage by stage, across all services. Easily monitor and remove bottlenecks.
End-to-end processes
Bridge across your legacy tech stack creating seamless process flows. Watch data and departmental silos disappear. Our integrated RPA will digitise manual tasks, freeing your teams too.
Ease of integration
Use our Generic SOAP and REST Adapters to connect anywhere or send data in any format to our REST Endpoint. And, we have an On-premise Adaptor for any inaccessible systems.