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One in four councils use our low-code or contact centre solutions to make life easier for their citizens and staff. And now we’ve teamed up with LocalGov Drupal to make it even easier to deliver great digital services.

LocalGov Drupal and Netcall

As a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to Local Government, we are delighted to announce that we are the first supporting partner of LocalGov Drupal.

LocalGov Drupal (LGD) is a web publishing platform designed by councils to deliver a better digital experience for citizens. Netcall’s Liberty Create is a low-code platform that lets councils quickly and easily automate and digitise critical local government processes.

This partnership — and the combination of two platforms working together — is where the magic begins. It builds on our shared vision of delivering better digital experiences for citizens, quickly and easily. By giving councils the tools they need to succeed.

Collaboration in action

Local authorities like The London Borough of Croydon, Cumbria County Council and South Hams District and West Devon Council are collaborating on innovative solutions to tackle common challenges. And they have already combined the LocalGov Drupal and Liberty Create platforms to help deliver real synergy and transform end-to-end customer journeys. It’s made it easier for councils to deliver great digital services with reduced budgets and limited resources. You too can benefit from their learnings.

LocalGov Drupal’s goal is to give council digital teams the ability to build and iterate web publishing functionality, based on user needs. Netcall is enabling the same thing. By connecting both platforms, councils can rapidly build best-in-class functionality across the entire user journey. Because we share the same user-first ethos, we’re thrilled to welcome Netcall as a supporting partner. It means a lot to us.
Manifesto for Local Government

Our tools support the delivery of great citizen-centric digital services, reinforced by the commitments in our Manifesto for Local Government.

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