Netcall for the London Market

Delivering digital-first for the London Market

Don’t let complex processes and legacy tech hold you back. Our tech helps deliver the market’s aspirations for change.

With our low-code and RPA solutions you can build applications to automate processes across your organisation. Bringing together data, communication channels and fixing the processes that are currently hindering the experience for your customers, staff and partners.

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Accelerating digital journeys for the London Market

The London Market is inherently complex, with friction heavy processes and a lot of duplication taking place. It is expensive and resource heavy, which in the long term is unsustainable. Especially when you consider up to 40% of the premium is eaten up in acquisition costs. This unacceptably high cost of doing business is driving change and catalysing transformation.

Now, more than ever the London Market needs digital change. Key initiatives such as Future at Lloyd’s support the changes required to ensure the market remains relevant and credible globally. The race is on to reduce the cost of doing business. And to increase efficiencies and improve the overall end-to-end user experience. For further information see our guide for the London Market.

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