Netcall for the London Market

Delivering digital-first for the London Market

Don’t let complex processes and legacy tech hold you back. Our tech helps deliver the market’s aspirations for change.

With our low-code and RPA solutions, you can build applications to automate processes across your organisation. Bringing together data, communication channels and fixing the processes that are currently hindering the experience for your customers, staff and partners.

What we have done for the London Market

Take a look at some of the projects we’ve been involved with so far, all built using our Liberty Create, our low-code platform.

Lloyd’s Market Association

Gemini Claims Expert Management Hub build on Liberty Create by Advent Insurance Management Ltd.

CGI Partnership – Insurance LaunchPad

A number of apps built in Liberty Create to solve client challenges within the London Market.

Our Partners

We have teamed up with a number of service delivery partners with a wealth of experience in the London Market. So, if you need help to quickly solve your most pressing challenges we can match you to your perfect partner. Netcall-accredited, a wealth of experience, industry knowledge and great people are what makes a good fit for us!

Since 1970, ACORD has been an industry leader in identifying ways to help its members make improvements across the insurance value chain. Implementing ACORD Standards improves data quality and flow, increase efficiency, and realize billion-dollar savings to the global insurance industry.


CGI strives to be recognised by our clients as their partner and expert of choice. Our track record of outstanding delivery, combined with our industry expertise, end-to-end services and IP-based solutions.


r10 is a boutique consultancy for the London Market, focused on delivering high-quality expertise by transforming clients’ business and technology operations, through a range of services including Advisory, Project Delivery and Staff Augmentation.

Web Connectivity is a leading provider of technology solutions to streamline and automate processes within the insurance industry.

Gobeyond Partners make real business change happen. They don’t just think. They don’t just design. They do. They don’t approach problems with a codified methodology. They solve them using a pragmatic mindset and a commitment to commerciality.

Automation in departmental silos is the root cause of many broken processes. One process pro at a large insurance company lamented that many processes broke as a result of COVID-19 driving a new class of remote workers.