Coronavirus response

Keeping your communications open for business

Use tech for the heavy lifting during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with apps and resources to accelerate your response.

As COVID-19 sweeps across the world, never before has it been more important for organisations to effectively respond to patients, customers and staff demands at times of high pressure. It is certainly an operational feat, but can be done with the right technology in place.

The key to success often lies in embracing agility as a business model and ensuring that internal processes and systems are designed with flexibility front-of-mind from the very beginning.

Liberty is an all-in-one customer experience platform that lets you make huge, transformational changes, fast. Here’s how some of our customers are using their tech to react to the changing landscape.

Stay in touch with staff, customers and patients

Communication is key during extreme times. The Emergency Alerts App is a speedy way to regularly send out information to employees and customers. From status updates to tracking, we’ve got it covered.

For Low-code Create users you can download this for free on the AppShare today.
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Notify staff and patients

The Result module in Patient Hub delivers a fast way for hospitals to provide patients details of the COVID-19 tests. It can say whether their result is pending, negative or positive. This secure cloud-based solution can be rapidly deployed with minimal integration work by the hospital. Watch the video to find out how. Talk to us to find out more.
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COVID-19 Workforce Monitoring

Monitor the status of your employees’ health. Users simply click on their status icon and update their status at any time. This module is easily added to any Liberty Create application.
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COVID-19 Business Grants

Designed by our customer Croydon Council, this Business Grants app helps to manage business applications and payments. The app enables local businesses to apply for grants of up to £25,000. You can easily added this to any Liberty Create application.
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COVID-19 Volunteer Co-ordination

Built by our customer, Adur and Worthing, this App provides digital support to match and administer those who need community support with those who volunteer.
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Handle an increase in calls

Offer call backs over the phone or on your website to reduce call queues. No complex integration or hassle with your legacy hardware. And you can be up and running in 24 hours. Let QueueBuster handle the load. Watch this short video to find out how it works.
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Add a message into your IVR to reduce calls

Due to the demands of increased inbound calls, many customers are adding new prompts and menus within Liberty Converse to cope with the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. Join the free eLearning session to find out how.

There are also apps available to customers from our AppShare.
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Enable remote workers to stay in touch

As many organisations switch the workforce to remote working, everyone can easily stay in touch using our sophisticated speech bot, ContactPortal. Calls route to where they are supposed to in an instant.
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Remote working in the contact centre

Moving your contact centre agents to work from home can be a big challenge. Liberty Converse, our cloud based omnichannel solution is easy to set up. Agents can use any number, on any device irrespective of where they are.

For our Liberty Converse customers, why not visit the Community Forum to see best practice, advice and downloadable apps to help you react quickly and make your Converse work harder for you.
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Change processes and adapt, fast

With many processes are changing around you, the flexibility of low-code enables you to stay agile. Consider visiting the Community Forum to get answers to see how our customers are dealing with the changing situation.
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The big takeaway for Cumbria is we couldn’t have delivered our COVID-19 response, with speed and agility if it wasn’t for Create.
During the COVID-19 outbreak, the Liberty platform was flexible to allow us to quickly adapt to make contact with patients and keep our contact centres readily available with the demand for remote working.