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Treat the problems with your processes and give your patients the care they deserve with our suite of contact centre, low-code, RPA and messaging solutions.

Solutions for NHS and Healthcare

Reduce DNAs
Patients are often vulnerable, afraid and stressed. Taking pressure off patients’ shoulders is a huge relief. Enabling them to take control of their appointments is a positive step forward. Let patients book and reschedule all appointments, whether in person, on the phone or via video through a self-service portal. This makes life easier for patients and also reduces the admin and cost burden on hospitals. More importantly, Patient Hub reduces the number of Did Not Attends (DNAs) by up to 40%. That’s huge.
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Improve patient journeys
As the UK Health Secretary stated when outlining the Department of Health & Social Care’s seven major cultural lessons for the NHS, “better tech means better healthcare”. Our solutions allow you to put the patient first. And design digital services around their needs, not around the limitations of the tech. Everything from easy access to their appointments all the way through their journey to discharge and beyond.
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Reduce print costs
Sending appointment letters to patients is costly, time-consuming to manage and damaging to the environment. By sending digital letters, patients get instant access to their information, and staff don’t have to manage hundreds of letter templates. It’s great for the planet too! And you can save 69% of your postage costs with just a 60% digital take up.
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Bring together siloed data and systems
Most NHS estates have more than 300 legacy systems. That’s a lot to handle. Most of these won’t match the interoperability vision. With budget stretched and long IT projects, these simply won’t be replaced. We help you extract data from these systems and use it in new apps and systems. Apps which are designed to improve and automate processes. So, you don’t have to rip and replace legacy systems.
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Improve efficiency therefore saving costs
Many health organisations rely on spreadsheets and manual or paper-based processes. This causes a huge amount of inefficiency and cost. These manual and sometimes paper-based processes cause a number of issues as well as being slow. But the reason these processes exist is often down to the right tools not being available. We help you build apps to automate these processes. And IT can now see what every department is doing and have governance over these systems.
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Maximise clinical utilisation
Last-minute cancellations caused by avoidable issues waste precious NHS time and resource. They also lead to an increase in waiting times. Such as patients eating breakfast when they shouldn’t have, or clinicians not having access to test results. We help you make the most of every clinic. When a cancellation occurs, patients on the waiting list are automatically offered the slot to try and fill every slot. You redeploy resources in real-time to improve utilisation and reduce waiting times. Surveys and workflows are used to ensure both patients and clinicians are fully prepared.
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Patient Hub

With Patient Hub, patients can book and reschedule all appointments, whether in person, phone or video through a self-service portal.

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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is the combination of RPA and low-code, two powerful ways to automate processes digitally.