Newsroom 14 December 2021

Brand new features in Liberty by Netcall (2021.4)


We’ve released a series of updates across Liberty by Netcall® for Liberty Controller, Liberty Create and RPA. This release includes a number of major developments alongside requested enhancements from the Community. If you would like to suggest feature enhancements, or see the requests, head over to the Feature Voting Portal.

Liberty Controller – the central point-of-management for the Liberty Platform contains a number of significant enhancements including:

  • Resource management – there’s now the ability to specify relative resource allocation between different Liberty Create application environments on the Controller. This allows for example, ‘live’ environments to be given resource priority over ‘build’ or ‘test’ environments.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) is now supported for access to the Controller. Customers can setup their own SSO provider to make access easier for their users and to provide centralised management of user accounts.
  • Custom domains – customers can now point their own domain name (or subdomain) directly at a Controller. This allows for new Create applications to be launched using your own domain branded application URLs.

Liberty Create, our powerful low-code software development platform, continues to focus on providing a range of useful enhancements for builders, these include:

  • Validator improvements – The Build Validator provides builders with the information they need to assess the overall stability of an application and for reporting on its health. A number of new and valuable additions have been made to the Validator to make it even more useful for builders. These include:
  • Performance audit reporting –reports on any potential performance-related issues within your application, providing you with extensive detail on how to improve your application’s performance. This is a powerful addition to the Validator, as you can enhance your application’s performance to its optimal level, without needing any prior experience in conducting performance testing yourself.
  • Security audit reporting – ensuring security settings are correctly set is critical to making sure data is handled, processed and protected in the right way. To make this easier, the Validator now captures and reports any security-related issues within your application, providing you with extensive detail on how to improve your application’s security. This powerful addition to the Validator enables you to enhance your application’s security and ensure that it meets the required standards and recommendations, without needing any prior experience in conducting security testing yourself.
  • Monitor Studio – performance monitoring tools – we’ve added a new ‘Performance’ logging tool, which allows you to view in a single place, all the detail of what happens during the execution of a single page request, gearman job and more. A waterfall view of the performance and benchmarking of your components and their respective actions is provided with detailed timing information.

Liberty RPA our AI-powered robotic process automation tool, adds several new capabilities for an enhanced user experience for both citizen and professional developers.

  • RPA Wand – now uses upgraded computer vision algorithms that provide additional power and flexibility. In addition, optional activities and parameters have been added to give greater control over the RPA Wand engine. These changes increase the performance of RPA Wand which finds on-screen elements and anchors based on similarities. This gives greater flexibility when working with graphical interfaces which are subject to frequent subtle changes.
  • RPA Snap – enhances the way bots deal with failure, offering greater resilience against unexpected application changes while capturing detailed information about the challenges faced by the robot when performing its work. Activities now have exceptions paths and there are dedicated exception activities, which can capture screenshots at the moment of failure to allow visual inspection of what happens on the screen.
Read the Liberty RPA release notes

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