Newsroom 27 October 2021

Brand new features in the Liberty Platform


We’ve released a series of updates across the Liberty Platform. This release includes a number of major improvements alongside requested enhancements from the Community. If you would like to suggest feature enhancements for future releases, or want to see what others have been requesting, head over to the Feature Voting Portal.

Liberty Create – mapping and module improvements

Liberty Create continues to focus on providing a range of useful improvements for builders using the low-code development platform. Included in this release are:

  • GIS Mapping – exciting new mapping functionality that allows you to store and edit spatial data in the form of plotting single or multiple points on a map. This allows you to visually create, manage and analyse geographical data for identifying geography, monitoring change, understanding trends, plotting routes, tracking assets, creating borders, etc.
  • Modules – functionality has been refreshed to make it more comprehensive, including the ability to include all components in an app and compile modules using tags and name prefixes. In addition, there’s a new visual dependency tree to show you how and why items have been included in a module.
  • Community Requests – this release includes a number of requested enhancements from the Community. These include new rules constraints, improvements to the transform image rule, assuming webpage users and lots more.
Release notes

Liberty RPA – major improvements to RPA Studio

The latest release of Liberty RPA adds several new capabilities for an improved user experience for both citizen and professional developers.

  • ‘Finally’ Node – this new special node allows a set of specified activities to be run at the end of a flow regardless of the branch a flow’s execution has traversed. This allows easy clean-up of temporary items used during the execution of a flow.
  • Sub flows – can now be edited in situ by right-clicking the sub-flow node and choosing ‘edit sub flow’ from the menu.
  • Breakpoints – can be added to pause a flow at any point and help understand its execution.
  • Analyze Flow – a new option to help identify mistakes or inconsistencies in large flows.
  • Global Wait – a new setting to slow the execution of a flow to more easily see the steps being performed.
  • Multi-select and search – making it easier to find and perform operations on multiple nodes.
  • Attended RPA – user experience and licensing improvements for attended RPA use.
Release notes

Liberty Converse – extend reporting and workforce management

The brand new features in Liberty Converse continue to extend our reporting, and workforce management (WFM) capabilities.

Expanding third party WFM and Intraday product integration support

  • Extended scope and range of APIs to allow products like Calabrio, Injixo and QStory to use our agent interaction and agent event data.
  • The Interactions API allows the external WFM platform to see the number of interactions arriving and handled in each 15-minute period, enabling forecasting future volumes.
  • The Events API provides real-time and historical agent status events such as login, logout and busy codes so the external system can report on adherence.
  • We intend to further simplify integration activities for partners, vendors, IT departments, citizen developers and professional services.

Community sponsored features and improvements gathered from our customer Ideas Portal

  • Force agents to enter an activity code as part of wrap-up.
  • View time that agents have been in the ready state.
  • Added ability to download CSV file of live emails in the queue.
  • Improvements to SLA calculations for emails to cope with redirects.
  • New real time line viewer in the web app.
  • New platform management role to give advanced platform control to customer administrators.

WFM reporting enhancements

  • Schedule Summary report – Allows supervisors to view a breakdown of time spent working and in each busy code and absence type, to account for agent activity. The new Schedule Summary report can go down to quarter, half and hourly intervals, allowing easier identification of daily pinch points, internal and external shrinkage levels over time, or determining patterns in short notice sickness etc.
  • Agent Adherence Heatmap – Allows supervisors to see at a glance individual agents’ adherence across the day, plus a group view across single or multiple days. This is useful to identify patterns of adherence which may need intervention.
  • Agent Adherence Report – it’s now easier to see the agent adherence data that is important to you. New filters allow users to hide certain time periods, or agents that have no adherence data. Plus, new charts allow you to view adherence and conformance over time / by agent.
  • Schedule View – it’s now easier to distinguish one from another by adding labels to busy code segments within the shift bars in the schedule’s day view, helpful for distinguishing breaks from other busy reasons, such as meetings. Popovers in the shift view show a vertical timeline as a user moves over the shift, showing precise periods of work, busy and absence time. There’s a dynamic focus on the current interval as the user moves along the shift.
Product updates

Liberty Connect – more flexible routing, chat your way

We’ve added more ways for Liberty Connect users to reach their customers. You can now deploy chatbots or agent access across more channels.

  • Instagram Messaging support – allows customers the ability to extend self-service and engagement using chatbots and agent access across the world’s fastest growing social network.
  • Google Business Messaging – Extend your interactions securely and directly from Google search results.
  • Please note, you will need to have your own Instagram and Google Business accounts before you make use of these channels.
Product updates

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