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Brand new features in the Liberty Platform – August 2021


We have released a series of updates across the Liberty Platform. This release includes a number of requested enhancements from the Community. If you would like to suggest feature enhancements for future releases, or want to see what others have been requesting, head over to the Feature Voting Portal.

Liberty Create – faster and easier to build, test and distribute apps

Liberty Create continues to focus on providing a range of useful improvements for builders using the low-code development platform. Included in this release are:

  • Product Mode – a new way of packaging up and distributing applications that allows the originator to lock down some, or all, of the build configuration. This makes it easier for future updates to be delivered.
  • Code Studio – includes a complete design refresh to make a more intuitive experience for builders.
  • Test Studio – improvements to make it easier to test. There’s support for file uploads during recording and playback, adding multiple assertions, global setting configurations and much more.
  • Community Requests – this release includes a number of requested enhancements from the Community. These include fast-tracked rules logic, CSP domain validation, updated logic for device-specific dependencies and lots more.
Release notes

Liberty RPA – simplify those complex processes

The latest release of Liberty RPA adds several new capabilities to simplify the understanding and creation of complex processes.

  • RPA Trace – allows a trace (recording) of a process. Record and edit a process and produce a report detailing the process. Export all the details into process mining tools, so they can be analysed and see whether they are appropriate for automation.
  • New Activities – 18 new activities have been added. These add additional capabilities for the browser, file/folder management and more.
  • Special Nodes and Exception Handling – adds improvements to the ‘loop’ nodes to enhance flow-control and easier handling of nested loops. In addition, exception handling has been improved including within loops.
  • New Installer – Liberty RPA now uses the Microsoft Installer format for software delivery. This makes it easier for IT teams to deploy using standard software distribution tools.
Release notes

Liberty Converse – extend connectivity, quality and workforce management

In the latest release, Liberty Converse focuses on extending our connectivity, quality management (QM) and workforce management (WFM) capabilities further. Deploy flexible workforce optimisation built on a rich collection of Quality Management (QM) and Workforce Management (WFM) tools.

  • Screen Recording – use as part of your quality management efforts. Record how and when you want amongst your customer interactions. Use queues, skills, agent and media criteria to trigger recording. Customise recording quality to suit your storage and viewing needs. Record all attached monitors to gather the full picture of every interaction. Focus on supporting good performance. Link recorded agent interactions directly to interaction reporting and agent evaluations. Leverage existing Azure Blob accounts to securely store your recordings and reuse existing retention policies to ensure consistent compliance.
  • Contact Forecasting – expand your understanding of future call volumes and impact on service levels and average handling time. Model forecasts to fit your needs. Build based on live, one-off and historical data. Make forecasting more relevant by excluding special events that bias predictions. Compare actual call handling performance against expectations. Make forecasts part of your management culture by building forecast insights and performance into reporting and dashboards.
  • Agent Evaluation – ensure your agents meet their potential to deliver great CX. We’ve reduced the friction in creating and deploying agent evaluations by harmonising the design tools. Add weightings to evaluations to reflect what’s important to your service levels. Ensure your evaluations concentrate on what’s most important to you through “critical questions”. Improved guidance and on where and when to intervene, helps concentrate on what’s important with custom reporting and heatmaps.
Product updates

Liberty Connect – more flexible routing, chat your way

We’ve introduced more ways to customise Liberty Connect for you and your customers.

  • More flexible routing – we’ve extended the conditions that you can use to help trigger bot routing decisions in the Web Assistant. You can now use url, contact attributes or combinations of both to route the Target Triage Contact bot and your custom bots. You can also use the contact attributes from your stored customer data to route your custom bots.
  • Start chatting your way – because sometimes you need to start a web chat differently, we’ve extended the methods you can use to include urls and CSS styled elements.
  • Finally, we extended the ability to adjust your bot behaviour based on bank holiday dates that you define.
Product updates

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