Frosse and Netcall champion the power of low-code

5th April 2023

Netcall is delighted to welcome Frosse to the fold as a trusted partner.

With a shared goal to transform business through the power of low-code, the decision to join forces is backed by a mutual vision of achieving innovation across all industry sectors.

Building software for business at speed

Frosse has a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, providing guidance, expertise and support throughout every aspect of the software development process. With a deep knowledge of the Liberty platform, their expert team offers planning, architectural and technical advice services and can build web applications to business and technical specifications, with mentoring and advanced training support.

Liberty Create, our low-code solution, is Frosse’s chosen tool to develop new software products or enhance existing ones, according to each client’s specific application, data security, performance and data integration needs.

Liberty Create transforms business and customer experience with low-code — enabling rapid development of full-stack, secure enterprise-grade applications. Offering a cost effective and faster alternative to bespoke code development, Create enables organisations to deliver innovation and proactively react to changing needs.

“Our goal is to create quality software that’s tailored around an organisation’s particular needs, so they can deliver the best possible customer experience. As an official Netcall partner, we’re trusted to deliver services for their brilliant Liberty low-code intelligent automation platform, specialising in Liberty Create.”

Paul Frossell

Director, Frosse

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“Frosse has the highest level of expertise in Liberty Create. As a trusted partner, I’m grateful for their invaluable contribution to multiple projects and their consultancy and delivery services come highly recommended!”

Richard Billington

Chief Technology Officer, Netcall

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A shared goal

Netcall is delighted to welcome Frosse to the fold as a trusted partner – together we are transforming business through the power of low-code