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Netcall partners with EKI-Digital to propel businesses and Government into a digital-first future


Together, the two companies will work to help organisations identify and unlock digital transformation opportunities.

To help businesses improve efficiencies and cut unnecessary costs, EKI-Digital has partnered with Netcall, a leading provider of low-code and customer engagement solutions, to accelerate the digitization and transformation of US organisation’s processes and applications. EKI-Digital works with organisations to identify opportunities for revenue and cost efficiencies. They then use Netcall’s Liberty Create, a market-leading low-code solution, to rapidly deliver process and application solutions to enable these efficiencies.

EKI-Digital and Netcall are working with a top five metropolitan city in the US to provide a new legislation management solution for the office of the city clerk, which intakes over 1,200 documents each month and manually routes submissions to appropriate staff for processing. The bureau wants to improve its ability to intake digital documents more effectively and automate the process workflow, whilst addressing a number of objectives. These include: creating more efficient, intuitive and automated workflows that improve submissions and manageability; reducing the cost of creating, submitting, distributing, and storing documents and publications; creating an on-demand, online library that tracks every action taken for each piece of legislation; ensuring the integrity and security of documents in line with regulations; and supporting future compatibility, scalability, customization, and integration through non-proprietary programming interfaces.

The EKI/Netcall benefit to US organizations

EKI-Digital offers a combination of technology and industry expertise to recommend flexible and unique solutions to help clients identify and execute better IT decisions. It has a team of low-code developers to help meet the specific needs of their customers. Due to its simplistic and easy-to-use nature, Netcall’s Liberty Create low-code platform can help EKI work with its customers to increase the speed of their application development programs.

Chris Rigg, Chief Operating Officer at EKI-Digital, commented: “We’ve seen a huge need from our clients looking to accelerate their digital investments in improving customer experience, and the Netcall platform is easily the leader in this space. We’re extremely happy to be partnering with Netcall.”

“IT teams are already considering how to use low-code platforms as a significant component of their application delivery strategy. We look forward to working with EKI-Digital to help businesses take the next step towards modernising and streamlining their business processes, in order to prepare for an increasingly digital-first age,” commented Mark Holmes, Chief Sales Officer at Netcall.

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