Say hello to Liberty Spark

1st May 2024

Ignite your processes, map what’s happening and transform at speed – say hello to Liberty Spark  

Build a sustainable process improvement capability

Further to our recent acquisition of process mapping provider, Skore, we are pleased to announce that we have integrated it into Liberty platform with a new name. Say hello to Liberty Spark, our process improvement and mapping solution.

Whether you are aiming to improve efficiency and customer experience or ensure compliance, mapping your processes is crucial to identify and solve business challenges. But all too often documented processes are hard to find, don’t exist or they’re scattered across different places. And when you do find them, they are out of control, out of date, inconsistent, technical and hard for people to understand.

With Liberty Spark it’s now faster and easier to map and evolve your processes to achieve a wealth of business benefits beyond compliance – and accelerate your transformation – all within Liberty platform. It’s the effective and connected way to rapidly document, analyse and continuously improve processes at scale. And make sure your processes are accessible and understood by everyone in an organisation.

Lancashire County Council is already planning on putting Spark through its paces and use the process improvement capability to bring the Council’s essential processes to life. Teams can run collaborative workshops and easily map out processes at the speed of conversation. Ideas can instantly be shared with others, in one central place, so everyone can provide feedback. Process owners can quickly approve changes, creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Identify process improvements

It doesn’t stop there. Robust reporting within Spark uncovers insights for impactful process improvements. Uncover, analyse and optimise your business processes. Take the first step to making all workflows better. Connect smoothly with tools like low-code, RPA and AI that automate tasks and make building applications faster, without needing lots of code.

Ready to wake up your process planning and make it a part of your continuous improvement and digital transformation journey? Learn more or talk to us today about how you can ignite Liberty Spark today.

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Ready to wake up your process planning and make it a part of your continuous improvement and digital transformation journey?