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Social investment at the heart of Netcall

The Bridge Wellbeing Centre, Royston

We’re thrilled to announce our latest social investment project – a newly refurbished wellbeing centre at King James Academy in Royston.

Our donation helped fund a much-needed update of the centre into a warm and colourful space. Fresh flooring, blinds and a new kitchen have turned rooms into welcoming and functional areas. And students can now enjoy a green space with benches and raised beds for outside fun.

This is a really important development in an approach to wellbeing and pupil support at the academy. With newly appointed staff based in the centre, students who need it will have access to a safe space — and an experienced team to help them at any time during the school day.
Netcall's Richard Farrell with Royston Academy team

The newly refurbished wellbeing centre brings much value to students and families across the Royston community in Hertfordshire.

As a central hub that links home and school, the team is better able to support the emotional and learning needs of children.

(from left to right) Afser Choudhury (Pastoral lead), Richard Farrell (Netcall), Lisa Plowman (Headteacher), Vivien Ofstedahl (Centre coordinator), Laura Rawlings (Deputy Head), Cathy Holland (SENDCo)

Richard Farrell, Chief Innovation Officer at Netcall, explains these social investment projects are one of many ways we add value to communities across the UK,

As a key service provider to local government, we’re committed to improving the lives of citizens at every opportunity. And that extends from our customer experience solutions to being actively involved in the areas we serve.

Along with sponsoring Hertfordshire community projects like this, Netcall is actively strengthening local government services throughout the region. As a supplier to clients like Hertfordshire County Council, University of Hertfordshire and Hertfordshire Police and NHS Trusts, it’s a win-win for citizens in the area.

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