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Helping small businesses work with the public sector.

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About Bramble Hub

As specialists in government procurement Bramble Hub has been successfully connecting ICT companies and the public sector since 2006. They work as a thin prime contractor, connecting best in breed companies with public sector projects. They have a rock solid partner network comprising over 160 of the UK’s most talented and innovative ICT companies. 

It works something like this –

Crown Commercial Service creates frameworks to ensure that  public sector procurement provides good value for money for the tax payer. 

Getting on frameworks is quite hard, and many small businesses do not have the resources or experience to work their way through the mountains of necessary paperwork.

Bramble Hub is good at getting on frameworks and at finding expert ICT companies to provide the services that the public sector want to buy.

This means that the public sector can buy the services they want, at the right price from the company they want to work with. 

What’s more, Bramble Hub is fully accredited (you can read more about this below) and, well, we are nice people to work with too.


  • Public Sector
  • Local Government
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